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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kryptonik, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Hey all, I was just sitting around, looking at the gear available here at T11. Then I got an idea of something i would like to see T11 make. I think it would be really cool if T11 made those silicon bracelets, like the LIVE STRONG bracelets. If they made them I would buy a couple for sure.

    So I thought what if I made a thread where the we (the members of T11) could pitch or just throw out things that you would like to see T11 make. And maybe the admins of the site might catch a look at this and maybe make some of these things. If not, well whatever then, it will still be cool to see what some of you can come up with.

    Isaac H.
  2. Cerca Trova panties.
  3. Haha, thats a good one. I bet CK would secretley wear those.
  4. the theory 11 logo sticker it would be great for the car :D seriously T11 needs an upgrade on the gear section hoodies would be awsome too and if they get really creative they can even make theory 11 rings :p
  5. Yeah hoodies would be cool. So would T11 beanies for the winter. I wear them all the time.
  6. I agree with the both of you. I just so happen to collect stickers, good thinking hector_cervantes! A T11 beanine would aslo be sweet.
  7. After seeing the new deck, I think some dog tags would be cool.
  8. They should make porper clips with the t11 logo on them. That would be sick.
  9. I would definately buy T11 hoodies AWESOMNESS
  10. I think a custom T11 close up pad would be cool. One that you could have your name or a saying put on to it.
  11. Yeah basically all the gear that E has but with T11 logos on it all. lol
    The custom thing would be cool though.
  12. Yeah, dog tags would be nice.
  13. Just a quick note to add, if anyone wants, I can make shirt and other designs so you can see what ideas would look like.
  14. Dog Tags + Hoodies + Stickers + Bracelets + Necklaces + More Tshirts ! T11 knows they can make more money if they sell more stuff jeje XD
  15. I like the bracelet idea! Are you the same Kryptonik who used to be on
  16. I would get that in a second. It would say something like...

    "The Dark Magic"
    "The Biggest Risk In Life... Is Taking No Risk At All"
  17. T11 socks :p just kidding
  18. I would buy those.
  19. I still vote on the panties.
  20. I don't know why but maybe a T11 ring, like a ring and the center is like black with the 11 in white.

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