Gecko - Any good?

Feb 3, 2008
recently i have heard a lot about Gecko, people are saying that it is the hottest trick of 08 and what not....
is it really worth paying 70 bucks for, or is it just a waste of time.
and is the gimmick any good?
It really depends from person to person, because everyone's opinion seems to be a little different.
But I'd definitely recommend it, the angles are great and you can pretty much vanish anything from a coin to a bottle.
It comes with 2 gimmicks, a small one, and a large heavy duty one. Honestly, I only use the big one, because you can use it for small stuff anyway, but it's good to know I have a back-up.
The only downside is the sound it makes, but don't let that influence your decision, it's nothing really, unless you're performing in a church or some quiet place.
I do think it's worth getting, if you're willing to put in the practice you can accomplish miracles.
Dec 5, 2008
well its not that much angle sensitive , but think of it this way if you can control your audience this would be perfect, and also if u practise enough this will be worth your money. I use this to scam ppl lol ( only my friends) i make their money dissapear and then walk away lol so basically if you be creative this will be a wonderful trick to preform and the sould is somewhat a problem but make sre u preform somewhere not quiet
Nov 27, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
I dont own it, but a friend who does remarked that the only downside to the effect is the reproduction of a personal item after it has been made to vanish.
Mar 2, 2008
ehh, not 70$, buy it off penguinmagic for 50 and free shiping.

It was good when i first got it but i found myself not using it alot. I think it is fun the 1st week you get it then after that you won't use it as much as you think and bigger objects are harder to vanish then you think.
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