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  1. hello everybody

    I'm new and I come from belgium. I don't speak good English but I can speak French and Dutch. Sorry for Spelling errors.

    what's the difference between gemaco gameback and gemaco alpha


    what's the best for cardistry??
  2. welcome to the forums. What's gemako?
  3. It's just another of the millions of brands of cards. I've personally never used them and haven't heard anything about them, so that might speak for their quality. Is it that they are very readily available in Belgium?
  4. I personally have no clue, but I heard they are only good for spring practices because they are stiff.
    Best for cardistry? Well it's your own opinion. But I reccomend getting Tally Ho #9. Cheapest place to get them is, but I'm not sure if they will ship to Belgium. But check it out!
  5. Just for the record, Gemaco cards are commonly used in casinos. They are in my opinion much stiffer, and last longer. But they have funky colors and no border. :)

    John :cool:
  6. i heard chris angel cards are gemaco
  7. thank you for the answers
    I can't order tally-ho on
  8. I have a deck of Gemaco's. They're actually graphic styled backs and have a crown royal bottle on them... They're my parents'. Or were, they gave them to me. Honestly they fan gorgeously and are wonderful to play with. I just... Dont' like the fact that they are purple in the background.
  9. there are many many different types of Gemacos. Even Alphas are different, there's old alphas (VERY STIFF but no fanning) and new alphas (not as stiff, better finish for fanning, stupid jumbo index tho) and THEN you got traditionals, (similar to new alphas)

    but I've never heard of gameback.

    Basically Gemacos are good cheap cards for most everything that DnD do, and if you can get some old Alphas, they are so stiff that they are GREAT for strength training for springs.

    seriously it is IMPOSSIBLE to spring a new pack of old gemaco alphas. you have to work it in a little bit before you can even try. and depending on how big/strong your hands are, some people can't even spring a full pack of broken in Alphas. they are awesome.... :)
  10. exactally. They are poker cards. In my time in vegas, I got about 20 decks...but that's not saying much, as I was getting them for about 99 cents a deck:rolleyes:

    So, gert them for practicing, get bikes/tally's for performing
  11. Agreed. I would suggest buying the ones with holes in the middle rather then with corners cut off. The deck I have is from Atlantic City. It's a strange turquoise green, with holes through all of the cards. They're great for practicing, as you said. :)
  12. I have a pack of Gemaco cards. Their box says "casino pro" and "armor finish." I found them for 75 cents at a thrift store. Aesthetically, they definitely have some flaws, but as a practice deck, I've kind of come to love them. They're white backs are great for dealing seconds. They're the stiffest cards I've handled (i.e. stiffer than Bicycle, Bee, Erdnase Bees, Monarchs and Contrabands) which took a little getting use too, but I've kind of come to love them. Their stiffness correlates to a great spring constant. RE fanning, mine fan pretty well, especially considering that the deck seal was broken. I plan on going back to the thrift store and buying their other decks.

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