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  1. Shalom Shamans :)

    I wanted to say howdy to everyone. I just joined this forum today, having recently gotten back into the craft after not really doing much with it for two decades. So, hi!
    One of the first tricks I learned was Gemini Twins from Karl Fulves' awesome book "More Self-Working Card Tricks". It is only very recently that I realized the true value and power of this routine and have been using it to put smiles on local's faces for the past couple of months. I just did a short tour with a carnival in southern California, after they kidnapped me when they came here to town, and this one trick dropped the jaws of more marks and carnies alike than all the other chicanery I performed combined.
    Sadly, seduced by a gorgeous bartender here in Nevada, I gave away the ingeniously simple secret to this bit of magic in hopes of--well, it wasn't a beer...
    Lying sleepless and guilty in bed last night, I resolved to figure out a way to redeem myself by working out a way to accomplish the same effect by other means--someway, somehow.
    I arose, opened up my haggard copy of Hugard, and sat for a couple of hours until I was satisfied that I had at least a couple of methods of reviving my favorite trick. I slept well and, after my errands for today, decided to join a magic forum and formally reenter my renewed pastime. Again, sadly, the first conjuring forum I found, [redacted], wasn't open to registration, so, I Googled "the best magic forum" and the top result clicked me here. ;)
    My intention was to post one of my methods and ask if any of y'all had any input--or even a better plot--for recreating the feat. Kismetically, one of the first headings I saw was Marketplace. Hmmm...I had better not ask anyone to hand me magical ideas for free here. Perhaps I should submit my method for consideration by the council. (I have a couple other tabs open on the site about how to do just that.) I will, however, gift you the effect as it stands at the moment:

    An ordinary deck of cards is taken and fanned or spread face up to a spectator who, preferably, knows how the original Gemini Twins is accomplished. (If your mark does not know the trick, I highly recommend just performing GT and then Not telling the pretty lady how it's done.) But if you were also seduced, please read on...
    The mark is shown the random order of the shuffled deck and the top card, a joker, is removed and set aside. This joker is openly called what it is, a wildcard, and the deck is shuffled, cut, and, in all fairness, a card is even burned.
    The mark then deals as in the original GT trick and fairly stops wherever she wants. The joker is placed at the free choice location and the remainder of the deck is replaced, sealing the choice. The spectator then spreads the deck to see that the joker has turned into the queen of hearts and is now face up, just as in the original trick. The card to her left is removed along with her and the performer may remark that this is the Actual card that she stopped at, unlike the lying deviousness of the original where the mark is led to believe the cards she stopped at now lie above the face up cards.
    Everything being fair to the mark at this point, that face down card to the queen's left is turned over and shown to be the king of hearts. The spectator freely chose the queen's perfect partner.

    Good enough to submit for publication?
    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Darius Nease
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  2. Welcome aboard! This is a great place to be and I am super happy that you found Theory11 and most importantly your passion for magic once again. Be sure to check out the Saturday Night Contest held every Saturday in the General Discussion section. A lot of wonderful and helpful magicians here at T11. :)
  3. Thanks Gabriel! Very happy to be here. I'm just not sure if my effect is good'll be sure to be here Sat night!
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  4. ......I decided to go ahead and submit it to the site. 48 hours to go... :)
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