GENESIS by Andrei Jikh :: Release Date + Preview Video

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  1. Tonight, after over six months of production, post production, and planning, we are proud and prepared to announce the official release date for GENESIS v1 by Andrei Jikh. Representing years of original cardistry creations and months of filming, we are now ready.

    This project marks a monumental undertaking for our team, and trust me when I say that Andrei and our crew are just as eager as you guys to see this project finally hit the surface. It's the largest and most comprehensive cardistry-only DVD set, featuring over 80 moves. The first volume - Elements - is over 3 and a half hours long, featuring 30+ moves.

    This is also our first project shot in full frame HD, making the instruction extremely clear, beautifully crisp, and precise. Each move is explained in depth through on-screen text, a vocal walkthrough, and multiple angles. The instruction quality is beyond reproach.

    Volume 1 also features TWO special guests - I'll save the suspense for when the preview is posted. So without further ado... on to tonight's announcements. I'll cut to the chase. Genesis v1 will be available on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31st - Halloween - at 11:00pm EST.

    The preview video will be unveiled next Friday, October 16th - at 11:00pm EST. Trust me when I say that you do NOT want to miss this. The preview has been shared with our crew and artists over the past month, and it captures the content, value, and quality of this project more than any other video theory11 has produced to date.

    Join us - see you then...
  2. Awesome! Cant wait, but will
  3. Must-have. Price?

  4. Usually T11 never gives out the price until the day of or at the release. So you'll have to wait for that one.:p

    I'm so pumped for this project. It's gonna be amazing.

  5. JB is almost to his 1000 post. One more to go.
  6. Thus starts a new chapter in JB's life.

    JB, I must extend a congratulations for your 1,000th post. An honor it is indeed..... Or the opposite. I'm not sure. I'll have to get back to you on that.

  7. I may actually get this. Have recently gotten into cardistry. So am pretty excited for this to come out now.
  8. Oh man! I can't wait for this, it's gonna be awesome!
    I probably won't be at home to get it on Halloween though.
  9. Woot

    This is going to be amazing.

    Dare I say it will maybe be bigger than the Halloween release of LETHAL....dun dun dun.

    -Jon R.
  10. yes!!! awesome can't wait. This is going to be amazing.
  11. Will it be under 50 dollars?
    If it is I will buy it...:eek:
  12. It's going to be a long week for you guys, the trailer screams awesomeness!
  13. Well it should be awesome considering you and Dave are in it...
  14. So is this DVD a instructional DVD? And is it suitable for begginers?
  15. Yes, this is an instructional DVD. Yes, this is suitable for beginners.

  16. money are not important
    i want this DVD!
  17. It'd be nice to know the price... Not everyone has piles of money lying around waiting to be spent on a flourishing DVD.
  18. I agree with you on that which is why I won't get this day 1, but that's the way companies like E and T11 operate. =P
  19. It will be worth 200 dollars but because there so nice they will drop the pice to 70 dollars but for the first 3 days the price will be 50 dollars if you buy a deck of props with it.:D

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