Genesis V1 vs Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by IgnisCyan, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. agic,Let's assume I know absolutely NOTHING about cardistry (not that far off, to be honest.), which would take me the furthest?

    Everyone typically asks this on these forums- so what I want to be able to do once all is said and done is make my own original concepts and hopefully entire cuts, rather than perform ones that others create. I don't do card magic, but sleight of hand flourishes would be awesome to learn.

    Any response appreciated, this community has turned out to be pretty awesome :)
  2. Having owned neither this isnt very reliable so dont base your whole decision on this but i know genesis v1 teaches you the roots but the encyclopedia teaches all the awesome moves that from what i know are harder, cooler, weirder and more creative but not for beginners, so if you dont know anything id say genesis then once you got a good grip on the basics then go for the encyclopedia :) hope that helped
  3. My goal with Genesis was to appeal to those who want to start with a solid foundation of cardistry, a single resource that would keep you busy for years. I feel between the 2 Genesis series, there's enough DIVERSE content to get you not only started, but if the desire is there, to pursue it in a more creative/original capacity. I think the Encyclopedia will help in that direction as well, though in my opinion not quite as quickly and efficiently.

    I think the Encyclopedia is a tremendous resource that one must definitely own in the long run; however, from personal experience, I've always got more mileage out of content that I could see in motion. That visual content is what often times inspired me as a kid and gave me new ideas on how I could spin those moves - pun intended ha. Although the Encyclopedia has a TON of pictures that gives you a general idea, it's not quite the same. Obviously comes down to preference.

    On the flip side, the Encyclopedia contains so much material it's absolutely mind boggling. Both are solid foundation builders with unique strengths and weaknesses. Either way, you can't go wrong. Let me know if anything! :)
  4. Thanks for the response, Andrei! It was actually super surreal seeing the dude who made Genesis V1 respond, so thank you so much for that. I'm picking up Genesis V1 with a few decks tonight.

    I did a lot of research on both, and although there isn't the mountain of content in Genesis, it's a lot more friendly... The book definitely assumes you have some sort of background, which although I have a basic understanding of a few cuts I doubt would get me far.

    Anyways, thanks for the input again. This is my first purchase for anything related to magic/cardistry so I'm rather excited.

    Take care.
  5. Just the card twirls are hours upon hours of fun. You'll enjoy Genesis :).
  6. Awesome, let me know if you need help with anything!
  7. Thank you for posting this I was thinking about getting this but was skeptical, now I am positive I will get this as soon as i get enough money. Then I will practice and get blisters on my hand then I will practice some more and get more blisters then I will buy Genesis v2.
  8. Just wanted to give one last update before I let this post rest,

    Got Genesis V1 and don't regret my decision at all. Honestly, this is the fastest I've ever learned anything cardistry related and even the simplest of cuts are starting to look cooler and cooler as I practice them more.

    Thank for the help again, everyone!
  9. Awesome, I'm around the forums 24/7 so if you need any help, let me know! If you've been doing some of the classics for a while, hopefully the new take on "style" will add new life into those moves!
  10. We were discussing the thumb cut from Genesis and some finer points to conquer it. I learned that you have to open the hand a bit to let the clipped packet close, but I'm still having problems with the clipped packet sticking under the top packet sometimes when I use the whole deck. Do you have any pro tips on that one?
  11. Was having this issue to, I found that to keep this from happening you have to make sure the deck lands on an even part of the palm of your hand, if the top packet is slightly lower than the bottom it'll get stuck. Still just having general issues getting the move to look as smooth as Andrei does it, but I'm sure that's just the whole 10 years of practice thing :p
  12. Do you mean BEFORE you make the extension with the clipped packet? If so, try opening up your palm a bit, that will naturally free up some space for the packets to maneuver about. Remember, the more relaxed your hand can be the better, although that's a bit tough with the thumb cut (as it requires a lot of grip), try using less cards for the extended packet - that would also make the packet easier to clear.

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