Genesis V1 vs The Trilogy - Which is best for beginners?

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  1. Genesis Volume 1 (Andrei Jikh) opposed to The Trilogy (Dan and Dave Buck)

    Ok, ive been looking into both of these cardistry dvds for the last few days and trying to compare both of them as best I can by reviews and content. However i thought it would be best to ask first as both are quite expensive and i wanted to clarify a few things and see what you guys think of them.

    First off i have only been doing card magic and cardistry for the last 2 weeks, however i have progressed really well and im finding it easy to pick up different cuts and tricks with a good deal of practice. I have a lot of time on my hands so I dont mind something challenging, be it whichever of these you think i should purchase first.

    Basically I would like to know the following:

    As far as skill level goes, which is more suited for someone just starting out? More specifically which has better presentation, advice and tips?

    For their price which has a better level of quality for your money? I.e. The amount you get and the level of quality in the tutorials.

    The collection of tricks/flourishes. Which has a better and more substantial collection for a beginner.

    Finally, i just want to say that the reason i want one of these is for a main focal point to start off on, as ive learnt quite a few basics from youtube (Charlier, Swing cuts, sybil, revolution etc.) I know that The Trilogy has a good collection of tricks on too and im swaying towards getting it, but £50 (for me in England) is a lot of money, especially because im starting out, and i didnt want to spend it unecessarily if you guys think that its better to just buy Genesis and save my money.

    Cheers for any help you can give me,
  2. Personally I like Trilogy Disk 2, but its not going to teach you everything. While Genesis is great for beginners, it will teach you most of the basic flourishes with every detail needed.

    Besides this there is nothing such as a beginners DVD, With evey new move everyone's a beginner. But since I already own both of these DVD's and also most of the flourishing DVD's out there, I'll advice you to buy what you like, if I were you I would have bought the whole trilogy. My experience with genesis was that I did'nt needed it. While Trilogy was a must have for me.

    Good Luck
  3. Thankyou, i just wanted to see different peoples opinions on these two, and i was planning on getting the trilogy sometime anyway so i think ill go for it!
  4. well if your just starting out id get Genesis v1 because it has all the basics in the dvd. good teaching and a lot of small tips in it. i dont know much on the trilogy because i dont own it. But i'd go for Genesis becasue it has all the starting out knowledge.
  5. Hmm thats good to know, as i had heard that Genesis was better for beginners, but one other question i have, does it include any actual card tricks rather than flourishing? Because i want a basis that i can start from to progress in both fields together, instead of keeping them seperate.

  6. one big distinction between the two projects is that Genesis shows you how to execute individual moves; whereas Trilogy shows you cuts -- a series of moves put together into a sequence. Here's my review of Genesis that touches on that.

    Kudos to Joe Garcia above when he said there's no such thing as a beginner DVD... Totally True! Every new cut or concept is a whole new teaching experience.

    No Card Tricks on Genesis though. Andrei is positioning this project as a pure Cardistry DVD. If you want both, Purchase the whole Trilogy or Daniel Madison's Dangerous. $80 USD may be steep, but I don't know any one who regrets not spending the cash because the content is awesome!
  7. Thankyou very much for the advice, your review was very helpful, so ill probably get genesis too when ive got a bit more money spare, but i think for now ill get The Trilogy because i want to learn some more tricks at the same time as cardistry.


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