Genesis v2 by Andrei Jikh - Now Available!

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  1. Two years ago I approached Jonathan Bayme with a radical idea. Something that was never previously attempted. The goal was to make a Cardistry project that would withstand the test of time. "Make a list of all the moves you want to teach", Jonathan casually tells me. After several nights of staying up and frantically writing away all the ideas and moves I wanted to show, I was finally ready to unveil the specifics. "Here it is Jonathan, it's over 70 moves, most likely nearing 8 to 9 hours in length and I would also like if we used helicopters, exotic cars, and possibly a jet airplane." Jonathan looks up at me with a blank face and after a while replies, "We can do it in a month or two if we work really hard at it."

    A few months later and we would be driving back from Los Angeles after an exhausting eighteen hour day that included a shoot with a G4 private jet airplane. Jonathan looks at me and miserably says "You do realize that out of all the hours we shot today, we're only going to use maybe 30 seconds worth?" At that point in time, we realized we were way over our heads but there was no turning back.

    Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I'd like to present a project several years in the making - GENESIS v2. I'd like to thank my friends Jason England, Homer Liwag, and Joey Casillas for their help in filming parts of the project and making me laugh all the way through it. Special thanks to Zach, Casey, and the rest of the theory11 crew for watching the project and catching the hundreds of mistakes I've made along the way. Lastly, I want to thank Jonathan Bayme for all his support in making this a possibility, for sticking through with it, and for putting up with me. We put our heart and soul into making this project but it was a blast and I hope you all enjoy Genesis v2!
  2. Did anyone else notice the new homepage... And Twitch...?
  4. Bought and paid for. No download :( but I can wait a few days for shipping.
  5. Congratulations to Andrei on this monumental release! I can't adequately explain how much blood, sweat, and tears went into this video. At times, we wanted to throw the computer out the window. At times, we wanted to give up and admit defeat. But full of passion, Andrei powered through - and this is the result. It's not short - it's over 2 and a half hours in length, and even features a cameo by Jeff McBride.
  6. Why no download?

  7. We were a bit delayed in preparation of the download due to the sheer size of the project. That said, the download is now live and available as a combo WITH the DVD for just $5.00 more.

    If you already purchased the DVD and want to add the download to your purchase, shoot a message to our support crew and they will make sure you are able to purchase the Download at the discounted rate. Note that we recommend the download only for those on a stable, reliable internet connection.
  8. This may be a long shot but just wondering, is there a way that those of us who bought Genesis 2 before the download was released could purchase the download for just five dollars. Just wondering.
  9. Uh.. J.B. answered that about 9 hours ago ;)
  10. Absolutely - just send a quick note to our support guys and they will make sure you are well taken care of. No worries and no problem. Enjoy Genesis!
  11. Just wanted to say Great Job so far. I have Genesis Vol. 1 and enjoyed it. I prefer it over the Trilogy because it covers more of the basic techniques while the Trilogy is for more advance Flourishers. I will eventually buy Vol. 2 when i learn most of what is in Vol. 1

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