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  1. Genie will let you do one of the spookiest looking moving-object effects out there without the use of thread or waving hands/moving body. Using your own bottle or the spectator's, you tell them that the bottle starts moving every time you uncap it, as if you stirred up a genie inside, so you uncap it and wait...not touching the bottle...and it starts moving eerily and slowly across the table. This is only one format of presentation; you could equally tell them to toss a coin in the bottle and 3 secs later is starts moving.


    As the creator of the effect, I'm offering free review copies (downloads) in exchange for an honest thorough review.

    Product features:

    • No use of thread, loops, ITRs, wires, or anything similar
    • Ideal for closeup, street or anywhere there's a surface
    • No special environmental or surface requirements
    • No magnets
    • Extremely easy
    • Can use borrowed bottle
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  2. I’m
    VERY interested in sampling in exchange for an honest review as I LOVE I.T.

    Pm me details
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  3. I'm definitely interested in this. I love the spooky and eerie effects.
    Without the fear of breaking IT... makes this seem amazing!!
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