Gerald Sandowich

Oct 16, 2021
Many greetings. Apologies to be so forward in my first posting, but I am relatively inexperienced in this field.

I was having a session with some friends and they dazzled me with some effects they said were the creation of an English magician. I have never heard of him before, but they say he was is very renowned in the underground, which I guess means he performs in train stations. His name is Gerald Sandowich, but I have not been able to find any publishings on either Penguin or Theory 11, and I do not want to lose face by asking them more directly.

Does anyone know how if he has ever published any materials? I assume he must have put out a few DVD sets over the years. L&L seemed a likely candidate, but it seems Chinese or Russian hackers have targeted their website.

My friends only showed me a few pieces, but a few even approached Paul Gordon levels of genius. One of them even reminded me of one of my favourite Gordon classics. My friends tell me Mr Gordon is one of the world's most respected creators, so this was very impressive indeed.

I recently finished the five volumes of Card College, and feel ready to move onto more challenging magics. I feel I have now consumed enough Giobbi, and am looking for a new mentor. Any help would be worthy of 1,000 thank yous.

Apu Botti.
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