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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daniel Montoya, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. If I were to get any deck that Theory11 produces and sells on this website, which should I get? Which deck do you recommend? I am think Green Monarchs, but if you'd like to recommend another deck, please tell me. Thanks!
  2. Since all (or nearly all) decks sold by Theory 11 currently have a very similar stock, the same finish, and often the same cut (a traditional cut), their durability is very similar. That said, which deck you buy is better to be dependent on your personal preference for the design or versatility. I like the Monarchs because of the multiple color versions, but the Nationals (available in black, red and greeen) aren't too bad either.
  3. The quality amongst the decks are virtually the same. Really comes down to which card designs you like the best.

    That said, Green Monarchs has a box that is rather tank-like.
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  4. Green Monarchs are quite nice.

    Admittedly though, unlike Steven the Magician I have never gotten a T11 deck that is traditionally cut. All of these that I own are Modern cut.

    Maybe I've gotten the short end of the stick!

    Great cards either way.

  5. I would reccomend either one of the recent decks, (e.g. snl, jaqk amethyst, product red) or a classic such as the monarchs. The blue monarchs were my first TXI deck
  6. I love the monarchs and the greens do have a very very nice case!

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