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  1. I am going to start working at a resturant and need to know a couple things from you guys. I need to know what you think are some good effects that meet this criteria. NO I WON'T CHEAT. I will pay for everything I buy but I would just like to broaden my the amount of effects I have. I don't always want to be showing the same effects over and over. So if any of you guys have any of effects that meet this criteria it would be most appreciated.

    1. Is there little or no reset involved (This is very important to me as there just isn't always lots of time to deal with complicated resets)
    2. How much room does it take up in my pockets (I work only out of my pockets so this is also an important consideration)
    3. Little or no table space involved (I don't like to move things around, plus in the hands effects are more easily seen)
  2. The first time i saw a magician at a restaurant, he did two card tricks. Ambitous card, sloppy triumph. This was right before i got into magic, and he absolutely floored me!!!

    Those are really simple tricks, and it was great.

    This guy is a pro, who does stage illusions and that sort of thing.
    I say that just to point out, it doesn't take super crazy tricks.

    It would help if you would tell us what you perform already, and what you were thinking of performing.

    I also have a question of how you got this gig?
    not saying you shouldn't have it, im just trying to get one too and im just wondering how you got it?
  3. I would like to know what is your skill level. If you can do that, it is easy for me to narrow down and find the solution.
  4. stray away from things such as rubber bands as restaurant lighting is not usually conducive to seeing them. The exception to this idea may be stairway, and ring on rubber band effect by garcia as the other objects are the focus not the bands, especially the ring one as it involves the spectators. A good ring flight is also a great addition, the style and particular one are up to you. David Stone has two great dvd's on this subject check them out. Coin work can be great, as i said before the lighting isn't great but the coins catching the light usually actually enhances the effect. Flash paper is amazing in restaurants. Its visual, eye catching as many places use candles which make it much easier to work with. Bill switches play big but pack small. torn and restored napkin is great.

    now for some card work
    triumph's are great but assuming your doing walk around you should stick with ones that can be done almost entirely in the hands. Sloppy shuffle and sybil triumph are two effects that are both great with two different styles and presentations based on your style. Card to Wallet and Card To Pocket are great. Avoid tricks with hard angles as you will almost always have someone at the bad angles in restaurant, sometime at other tables. This isn't too bad just be conscience of it and use your body to help. A torn and restored card is possible but you just have to be careful. Greed and Fraud by danny garcia would be good and pack small. A bottle production like david stone's is great but usually only works once in a crowded area. ACR is always nice. 5speed would be a great effect and packs small. Criterion by Chad Nelson involves multiple spectators and would be nice. Waving the Aces by Guy Hollingworth is a great close up trick that presents well for a table as it is done at chest height. Loops and IT work is always nice, although i dont use it personally. Anything utilizing money, is always very organic and plays big.

    that should get you started down the path.
  5. One trick I always enjoyed when I was doing restaurant magic, was Bannon's Twisted Sisters.
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    I don't want to push over board too much and I really don't know exactly how to rate myself. Most people say stuff like I'm amature and things like that. So what I'll say is I have been doing magic for two years and I can perform effects that are rated hard on theory 11 but I mean it is basically all practice. So I would rate myself as professional enough to perform for a live audience without sliping up or shaking.
    Things I have added into what I will be performing is
    color changing cards (capitulating cards)
    ambitious card
    wild card
    an effect I invented that is a combination of the ulta gaff and transphormer
    invisible thread stuff
    Also not sure if you know what it is but I will be using stain skin tattoo expecially the handshake reveal as an opener
    things like that

    An earlier post asked how I got into it. Basically I got bord of it just being a hobby and went out looking. I got lucky and found a family owned business. Basically after that I talked to the manager and showed him a little bit of what I would perform (chicago opener) worked like a charm and so now I am getting what I need, clothes, effects, and more practice. the website I used to get most of my tips came from. http:// Just scroll down a little bit and you will find the bar and resturant section. Feel free to keep commenting. Thanks for your help and hope you enjoy.
  7. I don't know what made you think this, but... completely wrong imho.

    Crazy man's handcuffs is an amazing walk-around/ table hopping routine. It carries light, requires no resets, and it has many stages that you can add from or cut off depending on the table's reaction. It can be a small visual teaser of a trick, or it can be an entire routine. You can do some of the stages in the spectators hand, you can borrow a ring for various effects. You can even give hints for tips by asking them to take out a bill to be used for various effects. At the end of it all, you can even give two simple rubber bands away as a small souvenir and ask them to have a go at it. Trust me... rubber bands are amazing for the worker. If you don't think so, it might be because they don't fit your style of magic/ character, or because you have not tried them enough in a working situation. But, "the lighting is not good enough" is not a reason for you to stay away from rubber bands.

    If you take a look over at the table hopping/ restaurant workers forum at the magic cafe, you will see how many people put CMH into their top 5. More than ten people on the first page recommend rubber band magic.

    Back to the OPs question.
    Don't overflood your routine with card tricks. I would say in a set of 5-10 minutes, if you do 4 effects, only 1 card trick... MAYBE two. People like to end with ACR to wallet because it gets big reactions and signed card can be souvenir to the guests. But, ending with ACR will probably mean you can't open with Chicago Opener( red hot mama), because cards into something else, back to cards, is kind of a killer on the flow of your routine... unless you end with invisible deck or start with invisible deck (since it is fast and you barely use the cards).

    So, instead of cards, pick up things like extreme burn 2.0 (anything with money is great). Practice bill switch with a TT (borrowed bills again). Get together a card warp deck (it's cards, but not really - and you can also do card warp with a borrowed bill instead of using 2 cards). SPONGE BUNINES/BALLS are an absolute killer and will make kids and their parents very happy. I personally love to open with a sponge ball routine by producing the first ball from the cap of a sharpie (my 'magic wand').

    Coins across if their is table space, if not, to the spectators hand.
    Color changing knives
    one coin routine to jumbo coin
    list goes on forever.

    Final summary: A lot of new workers will want to throw in a lot of card material, because that is what they have practice the most and is what they are most comfortable with. It doesn't mean the show will not be good, but it won't be as good as it could be. Take away most of the card material, throw in things that are more visual, and where less concentration from the spectator is needed, and your show will be 100 times better.

    Pack a very fast and visual opener, and have an amazing "that is freaking impossible" type effect for your closer.
  8. its possible that the restaurants i have worked in just all had very low lighting. I am in no way dissing rubber band magic. I use it often in walk around events other than restaurants. i just do not like using it in that situation as i find it doesn't play as big for the entire table, meaning only the person your doing it with can see very well, and it lacks an organic feel to the setting. Cards are bad enough, why introduce another foreign object.

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