Getting Mismade Bills?

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the mismade bill BUT something that I've always wanted to do is borrow the bill, change it and then hand the bill back to them and let them keep it in it's magically altered state. The problem I have with this is that means I lose my mismade bill gimmick, which I know you can buy several online but I was wondering if there is a way to make your own that feels realistic? I know that's pretty much boarder lining creating fake money but does anyone have any tips so I could actually hand the mismade bill out without having to keep buying several. (And yes I understand that ultimately it is 'stealing' money from the spectator, which I will be more than happy to change it back and give them their bill but seeing as it's just $1, it shouldn't be too big of a deal, I would just make a dollar bill appear and give it to them.)
    But anyways, any tips?
  2. What you do is buy uncut sheets of dollars. and cut your own in the center, So basically for every four normal bills you can make one mismade one
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  3. After I perform my mismade bill routine I always say, "I could go to jail for doing'm going to have to switch it back." Normally this creates a funny moment and nobody cares that they didn't get to keep the mismade.

    There is a difference between mismade bills and Quadraflex bills. The Quad bills are attached to a normal bill...the mismade are separate and can be switched via a TT.

    Not sure that I'd want to hand out mismade bills due to the expense it would cost myself.
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  4. Yeahhhhh that is my issue. I want to be able to hand it out but I don't want to have to constantly buy more and more.
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  5. While I'm sure it gets a laugh and no one is going to question your reasoning, I'm sure they're getting what you're really saying: "This is a trick I bought and I don't want to give it away." The reasoning is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and in my opinion, inadvertently communicates what is really going on. It kills the mystery.

    Anyhow, if you want to make your own mis-made bills just buy a couple sheets and cut them yourself. Then you can send the spectator home with the bill. That's what I used to dow hen I performed the effect.
  6. If you own Fraud by Daniel Garcia, you can try that method but making a midmade bill instead.Might take a little work, but surely worth the trouble.
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  7. You might not like it. But the prolific creator Jay Sankey tackled this problem in a different way. Jay decided to make Monopoly Money Mis-Made Bills.
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  8. Which I personally love. So much comedic potential, as well as mystifying.

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