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  1. Hey everyone, I've decided to delve a little further into mentalism, but with all the stuff currently out there and what not, I'm a little overwhelmed. I was wondering where what would be some good Books, Videos, and/or tricks to get me started in Mentalism. Thanks guys for the help
  2. 13 steps to mentalism and a swami gimmick. all you need to get started. from there, if you enjoy it you can use more advanced stuff
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    Like said above 13 Steps to Mentalism is a great way to get started. I also recommend checking out Banachek's stuff After you have advanced a bit such as Psychological Subtleties,
    even Matthew Mello's Technique its a great mentalism trick and even if you havent done mentalism before you can pull it off.

    Cheers Tom
  4. Psychological Subtleties is more of an enhancement for someone with a firmer understanding in mentalism. After expanding your knowledge a bit, definitely come back to it, but don't start out with it.

    13 Steps to Mentalism, by Corinda, is widely regarded as the bible of mentalism, but its a matter of taste. There's a lot to take in at once, and it might not be your best bet for just starting out. I think it's best as a "getting started, part 2". But then again, I think the same thing of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

    Practical Mental Magic is good stuff, and it's by Annemann. An easier read which teaches your "part one" principles.

    For some quick tricks to see how mentalism plays out and see if it's right for you: Technique, as mentioned, is simple and strong, but you need amazing presentation skills or else it sort of reveals itself.

    Of course, Stigmata's a modern classic. That's by Wayne Houchin, and I'm sure you already have it.

    In the Art of Astonishment, if you've got it (and you should) there's the amazingly simple mentalism tricks: The Million-dollar Mind Reader (spectator writes a name of significance on a sheet of paper, then some other names that are made up or unimportant, and you divine which one is the correct one), The Hedonist Makes Up All The Rules (reveal a thought up card, using no deck and only a sheet of paper and a pen), or even Think of a Card (spectator thinks of a card as you spread them. Fan the cards towards you and outjog one, and when you square them up and reveal them, it's of course the spectator's card).

    Though if you want to know the stronger foundation principles of what you'll be doing, you'll need your Annemann and Corinda.

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