Ghost Vision: Is It Worth It?

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  1. Looks good, and I'm pretty sure I know what the gimmick looks like that it comes with, but obviously I'm not saying what it is.:p Would you recommend it? I have a 25 dollar American Express gift card and I'm trying to decide what I want with it. I've been looking on Ellusionist, Penguin Magic. and MJMMagic for stuff. If you don't suggest it, what do you suggest? (Don't forget I need to pay for shipping too.)

    Also, please don't suggest something from Theory11 as I already own a few 1 on 1's, Witness, and I ordered Panic yesterday. (I had a 50 dollar card that I used to buy 4 1 on 1 vids and Panic, Witness I ordered sometime last week along with a bunch of Guaridans).


  2. this must be one of the worst things that i've bought so far in magic, i tried it out on halloween, and it just felt rubbish, and while it amused people, it did not mystify them. I think that you would have to have a seriously gullible audience for this to have any impact, and even then surely people will just be left thinking that you have a trick program on your phone.

    dont buy it- buy a book instead
  3. I tricked my friends 10 separate times with Ghost Vision. It's all about the performance. I had a big story planned out. I said I kept hearing noises and seeing things in a certain corner of my house. I used each of their cell phones. They sent the pictures to all their friends and family. I finally had to tell them it was a trick because while I do believe in ghosts, I don't believe in using magic to "prove" their existence.
  4. this is a powerful effect, i've made someone cry with this effect
  5. Ghost Vision

    Its a great Effect, smart idea and great thinking from andrew mayne.

    I believe its worth to be in your bag of tricks.
  6. im intruiged by this positive feedback on the effect, perhaps my friends are too cynical, i dont think i could have given more too the performance, but seriously, what is the impression that you hope to leave with this trick? That you the magician have the power to summon a ghost? that you have cast a spell on your phone to be able to capture images of ghosts? in my opinion this doesnt really even fall into the catergory of magic. and which ever way you look at it people will walk away thinking trick phone!!!

    the one good thing that i can see about the trick is the card revalation which is possible with the supplied gimmicks. proabably worth a try. But if you have a look around on the web there are lots of other mobile phone based tricks which look a lot more fun than this.

    spooky non-sense, your hard earned cash is would be better spent on so many other things. get a set of lecture notes instead and learn 10 better tricks for the price of this one.
  7. This effect doesn't necessarily rank as a "magic" trick either where YOU are the one performing magic. This effect exists because people have always been fascinated by the paranormal and that which they cannot see.

    A situation in where you strike up a conversation with a group of people about ghosts/the paranormal could lead perfectly into this type of effect without you having to say "HEY! Can I borrow your cell phone?! I want to show you something badass!!!!" THAT - to any lay audience is where the "trick" starts and the magic/astonishment ends.

    Whats wrong with having a conversation about ghosts, picking up someone's cell phone and talking about a new photography technique used to capture spirits using cell phone camera technology. Take the picture and hand the phone back.

    Sure - you dont get to walk away with the title of "Johnny Mysto - the World's Most Famous-ist Street Magician" But you have just instilled a sense of wonder, astonishment, and fear that will linger for ages because YOU just shared that moment with them. You didnt provide it as entertainment. You shared that moment with them.

    That, my friends, is the power of this effect and just my $.02
  8. Judging by your attitude, I really doubt that.

    And there's your problem right there. You had no idea how to perform it to begin with.

    And hey, if people are accusing you of gimmicking your phone, maybe you should do what Andrew did in the trailer and borrow somebody else's. Sounds like crazy talk I know, but just humor me on this one.

    Again, you obviously have no idea how to present this effect.

    I can practically guarantee you that I can get far more mileage out of Ghost Vision alone than you could likely get out of even the best of Justin Miller's lecture notes.
  9. if you think that your gonna get more milage out of ghost vision than a set of justin millers lecture notes then i give in, becuase me and you are clearly on different paths. (HUH? is one of my favourite sets of notes) I see what your saying about borrowing phones, but i think that is a bit too unreliable for my liking, as camera phones differ greatly and on the couple of occaisons i tried that it didnt work too well.

    I dunno, the guy who started this thread asked what people thought about the trick, i think its lame. theres my 2p on the subject
  10. Did I come across as arrogant? Probably. But I'm trying to make a point. Too many people take whatever they buy at face value. But that doesn't work.

    I bought PK Silverware and Liquid Metal. With those DVDs, I've worked out ways to use the material for a comedy routine, two Bizarrist routines, a skeptical mentalism routine, and a minor twist on one of Caleb Strange's routines from Garden of the Strange.

    There really is no limit to how something can be performed, but you have to make it fit your style.

    That's why you practice. I've made it a goal to see to it that I'm never ambushed with a borrowed phone.

    Simply put, Ghost Vision has incredible potential, but only if you know how to properly present it. From what you've described, you're rather stuck on this "Look what I can do" vibe. That's not what this effect is about.
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    wow, you seem to have a bit of a potato fried snack on your shoulder there. Getting a bit wound up if you ask me. Look, i agree that you can learn a lot and develop stuff from dvds that are focused on one effect, i never said otherwise, and as for me being all ' look what i can do' i think you are drifting into the realms of non-sense my friend, the fact is whenever you present a peice of magic, whether you like it or not, you are in effect saying to people 'look what i can show you'.
    The point i was intending to make in this thread was that in my opinion ghost vision is a weak effect which is not worthy of hours of practice. And correct me if im wrong but in your first comments you said that i should try to borrow a phone to improve the effect, but it is impossible to practice the effect for every type of camera phone, as new phones are released all the time in addition to the hundreds of types already on the market, which i beleive makes this effect unreliable.

    I can see from your spooky signature line that you enjoy this genre of magic, and perhaps my nagative comments on an effect you hold dear have got you a bit riled up, but there is no need to pick apart another users comments in a childish and arrogant manner, just to try and make your point of view all that can be heard.

    You have your say, everyone else can have theirs, lets not start quoting other users posts and mocking people for their point of view, its not very polite and its just plain uncool. You know nothing about me, or the level im at, and i think you have only made your selse look foolish here.

    Im off to read some interesting lecture notes, have fun making ghosty pictures on your camera phone.

    peace Atomo
  12. Pfft! If you actually think that was me being angry, wait until you see me on a bad day.

    "Look what I can do" and "look what I can show you" are different things, but that's beside the point.

    Watch a good presentation of Ghost Vision and make not of the subtleties. It's not about the magician, it's about shared experiences and "what ifs" in the audience's mind.

    And my point is that it's only weak if you have no clue how to use it properly. This is not a card trick.

    Do you live in a place where you are the only person who owns a cell phone? Stop making excuses for yourself and just try harder.

    I've tried being mild before. Nobody ever listens when I do that. But if I'm blunt, shocking, and cocky, then people take notice. They may consider me a dick, but I'll take that.

    Opinions are only as good as what you back them up with.

    I really hope this was just a bad attempt at being ironic.
  13. WHOA! Calm down. This thread has changed into nothing useful. Two people arguing back and forth is not going to help anyone decide if they should buy this trick or not. Your opinion is your opinion. Everybody has them.

    As I posted previously this trick works for me. It's actually the one thing I've done for my friends where they didn't even think it could be a magic trick. They fell for it hook, line and sinker. It's because I didn't present it as a magic trick. My own personal morals, however, made me tell them how it was done eventually. Don't want tricks ruining the real scientific research to find ghosts. AND there is also a card revelation (which doesn't have to be done on a hand) included with the trick. Worth it? To me, yes.
  15. Oh don't act so shocked. You can't be possibly be that thin-skinned.
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    Ok I tried to be polite. Apparently neither one of you read my post. If you need to bicker like little girls, please do so privately. In case you both didn't know, there is a little feature on this forum called a PRIVATE message. Whoa. I know, what a concept.

    AGAIN, I would recommend buying this if you're confident in performing.

    The End.
  17. I read it. I just didn't care.

    Joking aside, I'm honestly just surprised by how unbelievably thin-skinned everyone here is. I'm not even being harsh half the time, and people still tell me I'm being rude.

    And besides that, it really gets under my skin when people can't take responsibility for themselves, and blame the trick for their failures.
  18. Good effort. I applaud thee.
  19. I expected to see this thread crop up again with the release of Ghost Vision : Ultimate. Ghost Vision is a great effect. I totally freaked out my brother, he was mad at me for quite a few days when he found out I was kidding.

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