Giacomo Bertini's - Revolutionary Coin

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  1. Giacomo Bertini's - Revolutionary Coin

    Has anyone reviewed this dvd? I would like to gets some feedback. This is one of the best card to coin routines I have seen. So clean....

  2. His techniques are first rate, and considered by many to be the toughest coin magic around. The DVD production is lacking, but the magic is incredible... If you can do it.

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    I guess when you have technique like his you don't need the fancy schmancy special effects and graphics on the menu to dazzle. The money is well spent regardless... And yes very advanced stuff. I ended up buying one off myself at a discount of course... And I thought David Stones Basic coin magic Volume two was hard. What a rude awakening I had. I will say despite the difficulty of these techniques am so glad I picked this up. It not only opened my eyes to new possibilities it also reminded me I have far to go even as a veteran.

    - My Thoughts
  4. Dude I am just pointing this out I have been asked by at least 15 magicians if I owned your shop I am just putting it out there that I do not own NEXUS MAGIC SHOP Even though my name appears in the title of the store.

  5. Yep unusual coincidence - :)
    Prior to owning Nexus Magic Store I owned Nexus Promotional events. The Nexus name has been with me for 14 years....

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