Giorgio Armani Playing Cards

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  1. I just bought some playing cards from Armani and I was wondering if any one else has them and can tell me how they are. I got two and if they are any good I will open up one if not I will keep both sealed for the novelty. Thanks. If not ial put up a review when I get them. I posted the ebay link below, the guy i really nice so just call him if you need international shipping as I did,. and there are a few left.
  2. I absolutely love Giorgio Armani.His autumn/winter 09/10 line for men is phenomenal.

    How do the cards look?

    I wish Louis vuitton or Christian Dior made cards.haha
  3. well u should at least open 1 deck and try it.
  4. Can't find any pictures, I'll upload them when I get them.
  5. Sexy... I'm buying!
  6. Wish I had those when I was modeling for B.C.B.G and Ed Hardy.
  7. Yeah these look great (and you were a model NICE) although I have a feeling that they are pro belly going to be made from some no name card company with a big brand behind it, its not like Armani are serious CARD people right? But what ever I'll open one and tell you guys how they were, but I'm sure they will suck....:(.
  8. im almost positive they will.haha
  9. lol (P.S. the writing in this bracket is only here, because "lol" is to short to post so ignore this bracket).
  10. I had a look at the LV ones in person not too long ago. Bridge sized, plasticky feel, not particularly nice, but the design was nice - and the packaging, lol.
  11. The only designer cards I buy are from T11.
  12. The only ones we need ;)

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