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  1. Heya, I am a girl, (SHOCKER) and I was wondering if there are any female magicians out there, (on this website). What is your level of experience, do you do perform on a regular basis?

    I would love to get some feedback.
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    PM Nikki here

    she's an influential member and one of the nicest around. She also knows her way around the paste boards
  3. hi! i'm a female magician was well. i've been performing for about 4 years now and i do perform on a regular basis. both actual shows and just for friends and such. :]
  4. I think you are going to find many female magicians. I know there are several at any site I visit. It seems the primary reason they are not more out front is that some of the younger stallions tend to flare their nostrils when they scent the young females, and they act more like jackassess than stallions.

    I am glad to see you here. I am tired of there being such a paucity of ladies doing magic.

    Good luck to you.

  5. Awesome

    Thanks for everyone who answered me. I have been itching to meet some of the other female magicians. :D And now I have.
  6. hi there, there are tons of female magicians....the ones i know do a great job of presentation as well...

    just a tip i tell them relevant.....when you perform'll understand what i mean....being a female magician isn't anything new or revolutionary...they are judged by the same standards as males these relevant....nice to meet you by the ways as well...

    i'm working on something at the moment, but your signature is really kool....that will be disclosed in the upcoming months you'll see...
  7. well..nobody mentioned her because she hasn´t been in this site for a long time...and when somebody send´s her a message,it takes forever for her to answer...
  8. I haven't been on here in a looong time either. but anywho, Hey im Nikki, ive been doing magic for 3 years and I do perform on a regular basis.
    Like Ced said earlyer, theres really nothing new about it..i know of tons of female magicians. Sadly theyre all in California. Nice to meet you and hope to see ya around

  9. u took the words right out of my mouth....
  10. at least u repsond....
  11. I try, when i find time

  12. Katie Kenner does a bit of magic.

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