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  1. Watch as a coin insantly disappears. Watch as it turns into a key (or other small object). Watch as it disappears and is in your shoe. Glitch. ;)

    Method: Now the only coin trick I have ever done (and don't do anymore) is Sinful, so if you do a coin trick for me, I will be fooled. You can consider me a layman as far as coin magic goes. I watched the preview when it was first put out, and I was very fooled. The method behind it is insanely awesome. No gimmicks of any kind. Imagine you are handed a coin. Do the vanish. It's that simple.

    Difficulty: I'm not one to comment on the difficulty of coin magic. Like cards, I'll need to get used to coins. So chances are, this will be easier for someone who has been into coins for a while. For me, this will take a while. It is pretty difficult. I haven't really started practicing it yet, so I can't comment on difficulty. I wouldn't either because of what I just said. I'm not one to comment on difficulty, but this will take some practice regardless of who you are.

    Angles: Angles are ok. You can't do this surrounded. This is something you will do for 1 to 4 people. It is very performable, but watch yourself.

    Practicality: Really depends on the situation. If you're with just a few people, it's very practical. If you're with a lot, don't bother. It can be practical at some moments, and impractical at others. Just watch your angles.

    Production: This isn't as "pretty" as SMILE or CELLBLOCK. You don't have the badass WTF No Limits logo at the start, or any custom music. There also aren't any live performances. Really though, I don't give a crap. I know some people will only buy magic products if it's shot in HD, has Dana Hocking's music, and has live performances. For those people, stay away. For the people wanting to learn some magic, you'll be fine. For me though, the sound was messed up. It could just be for my specific case though, and it wouldn't surprise me either. After downloading it, I put it on my iPhone in a weird way that you can only do if you jailbroke your phone. (For the jailbreakers out there, I used SSH. You'll know what I mean.) Another review said the video and sound was fine. So I assume this case was just with me. (I had to turn phone up to full volume to hear BSmith with my headphones.) Again, another review on here said everything was fine, so I assume this was just me. I was still able to learn. It was just a little annoying. Other than that, it's fine.

    Teaching: He covers every detail. Not a single detail is missed. All awesome.

    Final Thoughts: Get it.

  2. I've been watching this for quite a while and am seriously considering it.

    Sadly, I'm also a beginner in coin magic, some would say non-starter since the only coin magic I do is all just french drops and crazy misdirection but would a beginner like me would be able to do Glitch and not be turned off by difficult sleights like the muscle pass and such?
  3. I don't even do a French Drop. ;) No worries. The move is a new move. Nowhere does BSmith say "Ok, you're going to do the Super Coin English Pass." It's a completely new move, and that's it. I do think though that those who are more experienced with coins will find this easier as they have been working with coins for a while. I do think that new people can learn it. Of course, it will take a little more dedication than the guy who has been doing coin magic for years. (Still, this is all a guess. I haven't even begun practicing this yet.:p So no one can take what I say as fact.)

  4. I just bought this and the sound is really bad for me too. I can barely hear what he's saying with the sound turned all the way up.
  5. Strange. It was like that on my super awesome jailbroken iPhone, but it was fine on my computer. I guess it might depend on the player you use.

    I would recommend downloading VLC player. I use that to play any video file and DVD. It plays nearly everything.

    If VLC doesn't fix your problem, download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which contains the files needed to play just about every known video file out there. It should come with a player called Classic Media Player as well.

    If that doesn't work, then I've got no clue. The video works for me in VLC though.

    *Note - I'm not sure if the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack works on Macs. I use a PC.

  6. This looks beautiful from the demo. I work with coins alot, and I still can't fathom an idea.

    P.S. SSH is extremely awesome.

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