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  1. What are some of your go-to effects when you are asked to do card magic?
  2. It really depends since I love sandwich effects and transpos . Ill probly do a sandwich effect or a transpo :eek: ... or id ask them to name any 4 of a kind and cull the cards and go from there you never know.
  3. BIDDLE TRICK FTW!!! Ok ya, the biddle tick is my main on-the-spot weapon. Other than that, sloppy shuffle triumph, collectors redux (set up with culls), hand to mouth, subway, and the classic french drop coin through ear effect is always fun too.
  4. I've been using the Biddle Trick as my main "Go-to" trick if there's a lot of people, but recently, Sloppy Shuffle Triumph.

    But if it's a small amount of people, like 2 or 3, then Card to Mouth is what I use.
  5. I've done card to mouth for ten people surrounding me and none of them saw what I did! It was great. :) As you can guess, I usually do card to mouth, or my own version of ego. I then do either simple triumph or Revolution #9 by Aaron Fisher. I also do Half-vanish a TON. I love that trick, and no ones ever caught me while doing it.
  6. Culligula Triumph.
  7. sloppy shuffle triumph for me... hoffzy osbourn,transpo and 2cm.. i think i'll try biddle havnt done it in a long time....
  8. I know what you mean! Just be confident about the move and you can get away with it in front of 20!
  9. It depends where I'm at...

    Indoors, with a table, Triumph or Card Under Box... Outdoors, without a table, Dirty Stinkin' Ape in the Middle or A Simple Sandwich, a medium sized audience, Bad Inflence, Indoors without a table, Invisible Deal or perhaps Aces + All Over the (Dis)Place - it depends how I feel, but there are generally a small group of effects for each situation.
  10. I usually just go for any pick a card trick I can think of or if I'm not too lazy Lie Detector #2 from Full Metal Jacket.
  11. -My own slop shuffle triumph, named 'Catalyst'

    -A variation on the Daryl classic 'Untouched'

    -Recently, my latest card creation... An effect named 'Drop', which may be the most visual effect i've came up with since my 'UVT', which as anyone who has seen it can attest- is ridiculously (ultra) visual (for a triumph!).

    These are all 100% impromptu, quite simple, and real jaw droppers.

  12. Couple of phases of my ACR and some forces with mindreading pretty much blows laypeoples minds.
  13. If i'm standing then Biddle trick, 2 Card monte, Ambitious Card (with Card to mouth) or 2 Card transposition if I have a duplicate.

    If i'm at a table then I do Collectors, Thank you Lepaul, Hoffzy Osbourne, Reset or Triumph.
  14. Here than there (I usually do it with two people, each one holds a card and then they transpoze)
    Invisible Palm
    Bizzare Twist
    Marked (I use the gaff, but my version of it)
    My ACR

    Missing Link

    Shadow Coins
    Three fly

    These are my Go-to effects. Some require a table, so I'm a bit limited, but no worriez.

  15. For me, I usually go with

    "The Fastest Card Trick In The World" off of Crash Course 1 from Ellusionist


    "Simply Divine" by Jay Sankey off of 22 Blows to the Head


    "Bad Influence" by Daniel Madison off of Dangerous

    All very powerful effects and nearly always GREAT reactions.
  16. On the spot, I'll usually perform a routine of my own I call Liar. It plays well for all kinds of audiences and there's only one move in the entire routine, allowing me to pump up the effect as much or as little as possible. Fun stuff.

  17. Classic force

    my version of out of this world I have called eviction and if I have time too set it up double eviction separating suits as well.

    then mental lapse or perception / loss of perception.

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