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  1. Hello there. I was wondering what most magicians go to magic trick is when they are asked to preform? if you could say that would be great!
  2. Statistically I don't know if this applies for all magicians!! However, mine is Ambitious Card Routine!!
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  3. I bet Crazy Man Hand Cuffs is up there. I always carry rubber bands on me. I also keep a really cool diary prediction effect in my wallet from Chris Crossgrove
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  4. I fidget around with Odyssey plenty while waiting at say a coffee shop. Have had a few times where it has lead to a few people noticing and then approaching. Its a nice natural attention getter. Next up would probably be ID.
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  5. I don't like to get complacent with my routines, so my go to effects are always on rotation. If I have a deck I might do acr or be set up for Chicago opener, french kiss, or tnr Transpo.

    Then I might not bring my deck out and just have rubber bands crazy man's handcuffs or stairway by Marcus Eddie are my faves there.

    Recently I've just been going out with the non gimmicked Odyssey ring and some headphones and I have a routine that I've developed with them.
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  6. Ambitious card
    Ninja rings

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  7. I think it varies from magician to magician.

    I have a self-created trick which I love to perform and gets really good reactions too, so...

    Also, a coin production, really direct, works amazingly.

    Finally there's a trick, dunno the name (if somebody does, pls tell me abt it, 'cuz I love this trick) where you have 4 cards, show 2 red queens to the spectator and have 2 aces for urself, but after a moment, YOU have the queens and THEY have the aces. Obviously the cards used can be changed. Aalso, it is a great quickie and while it does sort of confirm in the audience's mind that magicians are all ''sleight-of-hand'', well, it packs a strong punch. So I love it ANYWAYS.
  8. thank you so much all of you
  9. Sounds like two card Monte to me, always quick to set up and get great reactions with.
  10. I have been trying to routine a series of effects that start with a trick that takes less than 30 seconds. Preferably much less than 30 seconds.

    I have been starting with crazyman handcuffs, pitch n ditch, a Peter McKinnon ring move I forget the name of, or a quick sandwich effect. Whichever I have handy at the time.
  11. That's what I thought...but the method is a lot simpler and easier than how the two card monte is often described in books or other learning sources.
  12. I would say I either do Jump or a card to mouth trick if I only have time to do 1 or 2 tricks for my go to
  13. I do Sleeper of my rubber band tricks i invented
  14. Sloppy Triumph and Crazy Man's Handcuff's while the band is stretched across their thumbs.
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  15. I would usually do Crazy Man's Handcuff's with their hand and a Dan Harlan rubber band move I can't remember, but is taught in Michael Ammar's "Exciting World of Magic". I have a small routine with these two and a trick I made up. If I can only do one then I do Crazy Man's Handcuffs or Ring up the Rubber Band.
  16. Double Exposure by Asi Wind!
  17. Eric Jones simplex 3 fly and a 3 coin trick. Do both of these then end in a vanish I can make this little routine last anywhere from 5-15 minutes :).

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