GOALS: What's Yours in Magic?

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  1. We all have goals for ourselves in magic, so I want to know what some of your goals are?

    My goal in magic is to be a super star on the Las Vegas Strip. To become a household name with multiple television shows, and specials. I want to do it just to say that I have. After that I want to "retire" while I'm still a hot product and become a worker. Live out the rest of my life in comfort of having work, but not necessarily playing the mega star game. Picking and choosing my gigs as they come.
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  2. I have recently realized that I think I would like to do something in regards to video. Either a TV show (or multiple) or maybe something online. I don't want to be a mega star in any way, I just want to bring in enough money to feel comfortable, but still be able to take my wife out to dinner without feeling like everyone is trying to get an autograph.

    I also want to create for other folks. I have a lot of ideas that I never get to, because it either doesn't suit my character or I just don't have enough performance time to do it. I'd love to be a creative mind on other projects as well to help people develop really unique performances.
  3. Honestly, my goal in magic is to bring a sense of joy and wonder to people. I do it more for them than I do for myself.
  4. To perform regularly at a children's hospital and a retirement/assisted living home. I think that the people who NEED magic in their lives aren't able to make it to a show, so I'll bring one to them. There's two children's hospitals within an hour from where I live. Depending on if I can do a good job and can actually pull it off, I'd like to bounce between both.
    Performing magic for seniors is something I'd like to do, but it's a recent idea, and I'm still researching what I could do.

    Beyond that, I'd like to work in the Houdini magic shop in Disneyland, but a lot can happen in 20 years.
  5. I'd like to continue using magic to beat my anxiety and depression. Maybe use that to help others suffering with mental illness to escape this reality..even just for a while.
    Yeah wealthy would be great also...lol
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  6. Those are both really honorable goals. Great thinking guys! I hope you are both successful in achieving them.

    It's very hard for me to comment on long term goals since my mind is always flip flopping and adapting to my current predicaments so I'll just work on the short term list that I will hopefully achieve in the next five years or so.

    My top priority right now is pulling off a successful stage show in May. I'm expected to pull off an hour to an hour and a half of entertainment and it's really stressful for me since I have never done something on this scale before but I'm throwing everything I got into it. I really like how the story wraps up together in the end and I really like the flow of the transitions. I just have so many minor little knick knacks that could make or break the show (okay not break but I don't want anything to go wrong).

    After that my goal is to hopefully start winning some competitions. I haven't entered any live competitions yet so it will be interesting to see how those vary from Theory11's SNC. I have one effect that I've been working on and having other pro magicians give feedback on (okay it was Simon Black but that's better than nothing!). I feel like I have the method pretty well developed to where I like it and every single little move is justified but I need a lot of work on the performance of it and making it entertaining. I'm completely rewriting the performance of it and I hope to have it done soon to my liking so I can hopefully get more feedback later. It's certainly not a magician fooler (at least not the magical part of it) but it's fantastic in terms of practicality since it can be performed anywhere with all borrowed objects making it 100% impromptu.

    Speaking of which, another goal that is more of a pipe dream is to have an effect published on either Penguin, Murphy's, or Theory11. I have a lot of respect for both companies and I would love to have their name behind one of my creations. I would especially love it Theory11 published one of my creations. I'm not saying that because I'm on their forums but Theory11 is known for consistently putting out great and practical releases. They have the best self rising card, the best coin "bend", best torn and restored corner, etc.

    Lastly, after my stage show in May I hope to really start capitalizing on magic. I plan on busking several weekends this summer and I'll definitely report on my experience. I'm hoping that the promo reel we make from the stage show will help convince corporate events to hire me for their entertainment events. I've taken up balloon art and am hoping I can get hired to do kids entertainment events as well as balloon animals. My presentation definitely needs to be adjusted before I can start working with the youth though. I want to use all this capital as well as hopefully get some sponsors for an even bigger stage illusion show that I've been crafting in my head for a while. It will be super expensive to do but I've slowly been trying to chip away at it.
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  7. I want to create magic for the best magicians in the world.
  8. I want stone cold total control over a deck of cards in ways that have not been seen before. I like to be optimistic I'll get there some day. To quote Brett, "a lot can happen in 20 years."
  9. My goal may not seem lofty compared to most of you, however, I would like to continue to use magic/balloon sculpting to aid in my finances of raising my two children. Performing at corporate gigs, birthday parties and such allows me to have additional revenue to do "extras" with my own two children.

    I am also continuing to utilize magic within my classroom of elementary students to motivate them to always give their best effort and strive to reach their goals. When they get their homework done and follow the school rules, they get to see a new magic effect each Friday in my Language Art's class. They students look forward to this each and every week.
  10. My goal is to keep enjoying what I do. Magic is the very first thing that I started as my personal hobby, nobody in the world told me to do it but I did :D
    apart from that, perform a loot and help this incredible art to grow, no matter how, I just feel like I want to contribute to it. Like building a house that will never be completed, but everyday has a more visible shape
    And meet magicians! I remember the first convention I attended to: I met some of the most intelligent and humble people ever. That completely changed my approach to magic, and maybe to life. My goal is to bring this humblety and creativity that I see in between great magicians to my audiences, to make lay people understand that a "trick" it's not just a "trick", it's a piece of art, it's one of the most direct, sincere and innate ways to convey emotions. Magic is fulfilled of humanity, I love Latin and Greek classics and that very humanity that you find in those ancient cultures, well, you can find it somewhere in to magic. My goal is to find that very humanity and to share it with whomever I will have a chance to perform to.
  11. My major in university is in Classics and I want to be able to incorporate some of the myths and stories of Ancient Greece and Rome into my magic. Your story is beautiful, thanks for sharing!
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  12. Long term dream: Have my own show in LV and travel the world

    Short term goal: Create and share as much magic as possible via YouTube, Fb, etc.
  13. My goal at the moment is to just actually perform for people outside my family and occasional friend. I want to get over my performance anxiety and go out into the street and maybe book some gigs.

    My long term goal is I just want to keep doing magic, getting better and never stopping. I will get better and better at creating and maybe release some stuff. I don't want it to be my main career (although I do want a career in entertainment such as acting) I just want it to be my biggest hobby. Who knows, maybe my biggest hobby might bring home some cash some day as a bonus.
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