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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JRsquared, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. that was some great thinking involving the goat change. props 4 that. However, your goat does need some work. But other than that awesome idea and keep it up!

    - Matt
  2. creative.
    but yeah your goat needs work, but then again, with this economy, who doesnt?
  3. I didn't get that.
  4. Goats are against my religion.........lol
  5. Nice, I came up with a similar idea when fiddling around as well... but I didn't run with it because of a little problem I ran into involving the face up card. I don't want to say exactly what :p. Nice to see it can work well though :D
  6. That's either because you're a liberal who thinks that Obama is enhancing the country of America, or you're too young to understand.

    But I'm not going to start a political discussion here...


    Nice idea, I suppose, but it's just another trick with no reason or meaning behind it.
    Work on your G.O.A.T. change a bit.
  7. ego change

    is it possible to use ego change, cover with the wrist, and do the goat change at the same time to get a more visual appeal. well , you are going to need duplicate, but i think it is worth it.

    someone who have perfect ego or huge pass and the goat change can try that.
  8. A pass and GOAT change at the same time? HAH. You can't even execute a normal classic pass with a card in position for the GOAT change.

    Anyways... Like I said earlier, this is just another "DND trick".

    You can accomplish the same effect by learning Time Machine, Or simply using a standard classic pass when you have one card face-up in middle and one face-up on top.
  9. actually, there are a couple effects that require you to do a classic pass around outjogged cards.
  10. Outjogged and angled as per the G.O.A.T. Change? Unless you're going to do a Herman Pass (which is obviously NOT the Classic Pass, like I said in my previous post), it's pretty near impossible to keep the "card" aligned and at the GOAT Change angle.
  11. I sent you a pm.

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