Going into Panic

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by H:H 103126, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. For those of you who have panic, how do you go into it? its one of my favorite tricks, but its hard to actually go into doing it. to make sure there is no exposure on this thread, PM me with any advice you may have.

    Thank you all,
  2. He does go into the advanced handling on the DVD, which is actually a routine that lets you pretty easily go into panic.

    Or you just have it in your pocket and are set up if you know what I mean and just pull out the deck and begin the trick. I use it as an opener a lot, and as a result I just go into it, and then end up with a deck in my hand to carry on the rest of my routine....works for me, lol.
  3. You may want to watch the dvd because Aaron Fisher gives out great ideas of how to prepare the trick. For me, personally, I misdirect the audience in order to prepare it.
  4. i remove the kings, do asher twist or something like that, and grab the gimmick. edit if exposure.
  5. ok, i dont do the advanced handling though
    but thanks for all the ideas,
    i probably will watch the dvd again, just to refreash my selft
  6. If you haven't watched the DVD when you read this, Aaron suggest just going up to people with the gimmick ready and doing it. Just go straight into it.

    Cheers, Tom
  7. Check out Aaron Fisher's "Four" in the 1-on-1 section. It says it's a perfect preface to Panic.

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