Gold Arcanes

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  1. yep, they got 5000 decks and everything.
  2. Oh no this must be the apocalypse
  3. First they remove all the colors and add some more black/white to make them cooler. Then they add some yellow and suddenly, BOOM, they are worth 500$....
  4. Are they really yellow?
    Or actually have a gold tint/look to them?
    Eiher way,the cards arent worth the paper its printed on.
  5. i believe they actually have gold leaf inlay
  6. Sweet, pst a pic when you can
  7. here is what was in the email sent to me:


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  8. To be honest, I think those look just incredible. I want to hear other peoples opinions, but I will more than likely stay on the look-out for a possible release of these.

  9. Keep in mind they won't be released in the traditional sense of the word (i.e., for sale), but rather as promotions, much like the 1st Edition Black Ghosts.

    Also, I completely agree--these cards look absolutely stunning. I definitely wouldn't mind owning a deck. :)
  10. Well I gotta say that deck absolutely looks beautiful.... And ofcourse I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one. Also I got the email to and it mentioned there will be 5000 decks printed. I hope in the future they make a second edition (such as the second ed. black ghosts). And why are they only printing so few? Just to make that particular batch rare?
  11. Those look way better then the regular black deck. Overall I am not to fond of the cards, but the gold looks nice.
  12. It is good to see that Ellusionist "ALLOWED" the USPCC to only print 5000...

  13. Those look gnarly, Id love to pick a couple up
  14. Yeah, they look great!
    Don't care to much for the regular Arcanes, to stiff and thick and E'ish for me, but these look like gold, no pun intended.
    Will probably try to pick up a couple of decks if/when possible, save them for later ebaying, and pick up second editions at a later time to use in performances;)
  15. What, who said that?
  16. they better have $300 worth of stuff i'm interested in next christmas cause I think I wouldn't mind owning one of these

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