Gold Bordered Ellusionist Cards Custom Made

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  1. They look very ugly to me, and also they probably dont handle great
  2. The guy says they handle well - but just look at that photo of the twin fans, lol. Also, the fact that you'd be bidding on an open and used deck - not so cool.
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    They are not gold bordered Black Tigers. There is no such thing. "Hand painted and hand buffed" gimme a freakin' break!! Not to mention this "one of five in existence" rare deck has a starting bid of a whopping 99 cents! Look before you leap.

  4. I think the cards are ugly as heck not to mention they are used. Silver would have looked way better. Oh well...I'm sure some dummy will pay over 50 bucks for them. Ha. Ha.
  5. He just colored in the borders with gold and silver sharpie or those paint pens. It looks incredible poor in quality, if someone actually took the time and use gold leaf it would look half way decent.
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  7. Haha those look awful.
  8. Ugliest cards I've ever seen. He didn't even take the time to sharpie them nicely and still has the stones to give some lame story about the secret run of 5 decks.

    I should start selling my burned out bikes as part of Vernon's personal collection. Then I should come on here to advertise them. That would make me "AWESOME!!"
  9. definitely selfmade, look at the fans, and if you look close you can see that it's made by an amateur...
    I didn't even noticed that ellusionist has this deck..
    so it's probably just a guy who want to make money
  10. The cards

    First off, I have the deck right here and they fan and faro good.. Better than you would think!!!

    They handle good.. I don't care what anyone says, THEY LOOK SWEET!!

    You are entitled to your "wrong opinion"

    First off they were hand painted each card individually... Then each card had to be hand buffed to allow the painted area to be smooth.. So the cards would fan and faro...

    So alot of time and effort was put into each deck... They weren't just colored in with a sharpie or a marker... This deck is like a piece of "art".. And you can use this deck to make your own "art"

    There are fanboys who pay $150+ a deck for BLACK JERRYS NUGGETS which are nothing more than PERSONALIZED BIKES!!!

    OMG BLACK JERRYS NUGGETS!! $150usd, WHAT A DEAL!! I only got 3 printed, because I bought 2 decks and got 1 free!!

    And there are FANBOYS who buy these BLACK JERRYS NUGGETS and ACTUALLY think they are good cards... LOL

    These custom GOLD bordered cards actually look REALLY good and ALOT of TIME was put into doing each deck..

    Only 5 decks were done and they are more like a piece of artwork that you can use to make your own "art" more than anything..

    I have used this deck of cards numerous times and have gotten the comment, all my god those are the coolest looking cards I have ever seen before..

    I would LOVE to see GOLD BORDERED CARDS tho from T11!! or as some1 said about SILVER BORDERED CARDS!! THOSE WOULD LOOK SWEET TOO!!

    T11 or ELLUSIONIST should design something with a GOLD or SILVER border.. I think it would be a TOP SELLING deck..
  11. Should T11 design a Gold or Silver bordered deck??

    I think T11 should design a Gold or Silver bordered deck??

    I think it would be a top selling deck if they would produce one...

    Hopefully they will some day.. If not them, I am sure someone will..


    And a bunch of FANBOYS will be pre-ordering decks 2 at a time..

    Buy 2 personalized bike decks get the 3rd FREE!!! LOL...
  12. Ooh. Shameless self promotion.

    I thought we left that back at digg :rolleyes:
  13. hm

    so are you one of the proud owners of a deck of black jerrys then??
  14. Black Jerry's of no, at least a deck of personalized Bikes doesn't have a layer of sharpie crap painstakingly scrawled all over them. What is even sadder than your defense of this trash is the simpleton child who will bid on your auction rather than vandalize their own cards for free.

    Best of luck with your fraud - uh, i mean business.

    By the way, isn't promotion of personal business on the forums a TOS violation?
  15. If you're the person selling them, pay for the S&H and I will give you .15 cents for the deck. Let me know.
  16. Ebay seller you are no better then the spammers that were on earlier, actually I take that back the spammers were way better then you. They had products that were decent, you are selling a cheap deck of bikes that you scribbled on with sharpie. This is a perfect example of how some dealers are fraudulent. This is almost as big as those paper Jerry's Nugget decks, I am sure many people remember that.

    Anyway you are a fraud and should be dealt with as one.
  17. The best part about this is he backs himself up trying to make these cards sound sweet....ha ha. My grade school kids could sit and color gold borders around the edges of cards.

    Wow...there's an idea. Tomorrow for art class I will pass out two cards to all of my students and for a half hour they can color the borders of the cards. Hmmmm...maybe we will use glitter too so they will be ULTRA COOL. Ha Ha.

    Don't worry guys...they should be dry....unwarped...and up for bidding by next week.
  18. Dude. Glitter cards. I think that might the be the best idea I've heard in a long time.

    It's like rims for your cards.

    Make sure to make up a story about some craftsman tooling away to make 6 of your glitter decks before you took him behind the workshop and shot him. That makes them "RARE!!" and people like it when things on ebay say "RARE!!" and/or "AWESOME!!". At least, I think that's what they like. They will like what you tell them to like. Like glitter cards.

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