Gold Monarchs

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  1. Hey guys, I've been in magic/cardistry for a while, but I'm new to the Theory11 site. I have almost all of the different variations of the Monarchs, and I really want the gold ones to complete my collection. Somebody may have already asked this and I just missed it, but is there any way to get this deck without saving up 7500 points or spending upwards of $150 on ebay for one deck?
  2. Sometimes during Saturday Night Contest, a Gold Monarch is given out a prize to the winner.
  3. There's a spin the wheel contest going on right now. One of the prize is a Gold Monarch.
  4. Thank you guys I will go check that out!
  5. Just missed the Black Friday Sale. It was. Spend $100? And get a deck for free
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  6. I got mine during the black friday sale.

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