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  1. Hey.

    I'm looking for some flourishes which include an ariel display, where a card spends sometime in the air for a small amount of time. InFlight by Daniel Madison is an example. I just think these kinds of flourishes look really nice, but the only flourish that I know with an ariel part in it is Molecule Four, Tokyo.

    Any suggestions of good flourishes to learn would be great. I'm sorry for the long twisted way of asking, but I'm not quite sure how to phrase what I'm asking for...

  2. Downfall by daniel madison is one of my favourites, as is twisted rain. although most of dan and daves stuff has arial parts get their trilogy
  3. Cheers, I'll check them out. I have the trilogy. What flourishes on there include ariel displays? I can't seem to find any apart from molecule 4..
  4. Stag by Jason Soll.
  5. Beat me to it. Love that flourish. A lot of d+M's flourishes have aerial packets and stuff... and Vertigo Hackysack has an aerial. The flourish literally is just an aerial packet from the center, with a kicking up of the packet if you so desire.
  6. Erdnase go round is on the Trilogy disk 2. It's a one-handed ariel cut... it looks awesome.
  7. hindu tornado, if you can somehow get your hands on a tutorial, i was just part of the anaconda hype
    but its a cool simple move if you can find it
  8. jaspas immortal move.
  9. -One of the bucks has an aerial half sybil
    -Cobra cut
    -Diving Board
    -Erdnase goes round
  10. AHHH! I'd forgotten about that!
    There are many different types of armspreads that you can do, there are also a lot of single card shots, hotshot, top shot, ice shot, a single card shot from the top (tons of ways to do those) there are two versions of the erdanse go around. There lots of others I can't think of off the top of my head now. If you need to PM me and I can give you these links when it's not so late

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