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  1. im always looking for a good retailer
    ive been looking around forever and I cant find a better deal than penguin
    free shipping!
    that beats anything out there
    for $38 i can get 6 of the same deck from t11
    or 12 tally-hos from penguin
    thats insanity
    do you guys know of better deals?
    dont assume i know any
    list as many as you know
    and your experiences with them
  2. i know one that is WAAAAAAAAYYY better can you guess? the USPCC in ohio it is like 15 for a brick of anything! but other than that for internet i don't know try ebay.
  3. well
    i found a brick of 12 bikes on for 14 dollars
    couldnt find the same thing on the .ca though
    i dont like bikes anyways
    im largely looking for tallyhos
  4. ecamerafilms shipping for tally's is insanity. It works out to be over $30 a brick. Stick with or they're about $25

    Also with coupon code "penguinwelcome" Penguin gives you 10% off of your order
  5. And no one's mentioned yet?
  6. they have sweet deals but the shipping is insane
    brick of 12 bikes was 30 CAD
    and the shipping for them was 34 CAD
  7. i think you made a mistake 808 prices include shipping
  8. hm youre right
    i guess i confused that site with another one
    but i dont like bikes
    i prefer tallys
  9. Isn't is just annoying that I find this out after I stop buying from penguin?
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    i was thinking about kardwell
    their shipping to canada is insane
    39 dollars is the cheapest shipping for a brick of wynns
  11. Gamblers general store has decent shipping to canada, i think it was only about 15 dollars it may have been less......other than that penguin is my second choice because if you order 20 dollars or more you get free shipping so it works out nicely

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