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  1. Hey Cardists, ive been searching for good decks to use for Cardistry. Ive always been using the standard bicycle deck but its been getting a bit boring so does anyone have any recommendations for decks that have good handling but also looks visually appealing? Thanks :)
  2. I would recommend tally-ho decks. Both circle back and fan back decks look awesome with flourishes. They are way more durable than standart bikes and also they are pretty cheap. since you were using standart bikes you will get use to the linoid finish in no time. I hope this helped you :)
  3. Thanks, ill consider getting those :) Also do u think the Monarchs or the Virtuose decks are good?
  4. don't use the bikes tht you find t the store, unless they are the 808 decks( the ones with the back design on the back of the box) 808's last longer and are more durable

    but the decks on t11 are the best, might i recommend the monarchs and artisans, and if you can get ur hands on em, the rebels
  5. Cardboard Cards, to me, seem like great cardistry cards.

    Bicycle decks feel like color changing effect cards.

    I usually make gimmicked and gagged decks (Non copied from other magicians), but I have interesting ideas for perfect cardistry, color changes, controls, etc.
  6. Personally, I think the Virtuoso decks look appealing, and I have found that cards like Artisans flourish well.
  7. My Top Ten of Cardistry Decks:
    1. Legends Playing Cards (
    2. The Virts Deck(s)
    3. Les Melies Deck (Second Ed. on Kickstarter now, w/ Legends quality)
    4. Exquisite Bolds
    5. Any JAQK Deck
    6. Rebels Deck
    7. Tally-Ho Circle Backs
    8. Artisans
    9. Monarchs
    10. Stud Poker Index (I just prefer poker to jumbo)
  8. I prefer the bicycle dragon backs [any one of em'], tally-ho circle or fanbacks, the virts, and the artisans.
  9. Any blue seal deck does the job for me.
  10. I prefer virtually any Theory11 deck and Bicycle Rhapsody
  11. My top ten decks for cardistry
    10. Animal kingdom
    9. Artisans
    7. Bicycle Quicksilver
    5. David Blaine's decks
    4. Fathom
    3. Bicycle Occults
    2. Noc v1's
    1. Virts
    Hope this helps.
  12. Decks like the Aladdins and the Wynn's are really great if you can get your hands on some. Wynn's stick together well when doing cuts and aerials, but they can still fan. Aladdins do feel different from your standard deck, given it is "smooth" finish (meaning there are no dimples on the cards), similar to the Wynn's, they stick together nicely in cuts and aerials, and can still fan properly. But they are hard to find (and the Wynn's are pretty darn expensive).

    Virtuoso's are absolutely beautiful, but you'll have to buy them quick before they sell out (plus they are seasonal).

    I'm pretty sure it has been mentioned earlier, but Tally-Ho decks are cheap, look nice, and are durable.

    Stick to what you can find in Target, Walmart, or Walgreens. As long as it's USPCC, chances are, the deck is high quality.

    Hope this helped! -Lolhammertime
  13. Bicycle and Tally ho decks are pretty good. They'd make great standard decks.

    Today's my first time using a bicycle deck. And I must say that I'm amazed of how the cards handle. They're slippery because of the air cushion finish and i don't know... It's like I've never been happier in my life LOL. Or maybe it's just me.. Cause where I live, It's really a pain in the neck tryin to get my hands on good decks. I've been using Fullhouse playing cards that you can get for less than a dollar. They're pretty damn crappy:(.

    I've tried the Tahoes. Though, they're kind of a bit stiff when you open them up, probably because of the Linoid finish. But they shouldn't be a problem once you've broken them in. Also, I've heard that the tahoes will last longer compared to the bikes. But the bikes feel like they've already broken in when the first time I opened them. But both spread and fan very well.
  14. I stopped doing cardistry around a year ago but I still have the chops to do what all the modern famous guys are doing. I recommend the Red JAQK deck, any Tally Ho deck, and any edition of the Virts deck. If you can get the V1 that is preferred
  15. Id take any deck from Legends. They are broken in out of the box
  16. Go for the Tally Ho's.
    I have many of the "fancy decks" out there, they all look very pretty.
    But of all the decks in my collection, my favorites are the Tally Ho's.
    They come at a lower price and handle the best.
  17. Getting a deck that is optimized and designed specifically for cardistry can be well worthwhile.

    One of the top choices is indeed the Virtuoso deck. See my detailed review here:


    You might also want to look into the School of Cardistry decks covered here:


    Decks designed specifically for cardistry not only handle beautifully, but also have visual aesthetics that make even average card flourishes look incredible.

    Check out these videos for some examples of the Virtuoso decks in motion:

  18. Pfft. You want a good deck, that'll last a long time. Get some aviators if you're on a budget. You don't need these fancy decks, although they do look pretty nice.

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