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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by penguincdude, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. I'm sorry if this isn't exactly magic related but I want to create a cardistry video and maybe some others and I'm finding iMovie a bit too...basic. Does anybody know of some good software for editing/special effects? And I'm not afraid to pay for it. It doesn't have to be free. I don't want anything more than about 100 dollars though.


    Edit: Also anything that uses green screen technology would be awesome too.
  2. I personally use Final Cut Express from Apple, but it runs close to $200.

    If iMovie isn't working out, try Jashaka ( It's completely free (open source as well), and offers some more advanced tools.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I got Sony Vegas 9 Pro. I have no idea how to use it though :D

    Name a program and I can help you out. PM me.

    Unless you want to waste your money. Have fun lol.
  4. I don't really agree with pirating. Plus my internet access is being monitored by god knows who because Qwest thinks I'm a hacker. (I'm not by the way)
  5. Umm, illegal?
    I guess you pirate magic as well.
  6. Alrighty... That's weird lol.

    I use a double proxy through my torrent downloader. But anyways... I would also suggest Final Cut, Vegas is extremely advanced. Or, WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER! :D
  7. No.. I don't. Thank you try again. Just music and outrageously priced programs.
  8. I have and use pinnacle studio 12.1. It uses green screen technology and is about 100. Easy to use for the most part..
  9. stealing music and programs is basically the same thing as stealing magic.
  10. OH, I'm am SOO sorry that I accused you of something you don't do.
    Pirating magic is completely different than music and computer software. My bad.
    Here's my second try . . .
    How about I just keep it general and call you a thief.
  11. OK. Go into a Best Buy and steal some Cd's and something outrageously priced. Ask what the police accuse you of.
  12. Oh this is amazing.
  13. I happen to use a simple editing program called WAX. Its free and allows basic or advance green screen/blue screen effects, video animations, lots of transition effects and loads extras. I actually really enjoy it, hope this helps :D
  14. If you do try Jahshaka then please read the tutorials for your own sake...they help tremendously!
  15. Thanks. Where can I find those?
  16. I second WAX 2.0 it's GREAT
  17. oh stfu everyone

    if youve never downloaded something online that may cost something, then speak.
    im sure everybody here has downloaded a song or movie or something.

    get off his nuts.
  18. umm. I haven't?
  19. I downloaded a pirated version of WinZip by mistake once. I didn't know it was pirated though, I just assumed it was freeware. I downloaded a legal version a week later when I realized what I had done.

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