Good Reads for the Proficient Performer?

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  1. Heya Guys!

    I've been professional in magic for a while now, and really fancy getting a few new books on the Art, but have no idea which books to get. Of course I already have the stuff most of us start out with (Card College, Royal Road, Modern Coin Magic etc) as well as works from a few others (Daniel Madison, Dee Christopher, Sean Fields, Tom Stone, Andrew Mayne etc) so I was curious if anybody has any recommendations of good, different fascinating reads?


  2. Man, that's an excellent question (and I like the title). :p Just off the top of my head:

    Rune's World by Rune Klan is one of the BEST that I've ever read.
    Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi is a fantastic read that will help you everyday.
    Approaching Magic by David Regal has some of the most incredible work that I've ever seen.
    and of course Art of Astonishments are all great.

    I'll do a bigger, better list when I have more time.
  3. Have you read any magic theory?
  4. Tangled Web - Eric Mead
  5. That list is the best I've seen when everyone compiled it. The last book I read was called "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin which is actually a good quick read.
  6. I'm reading Tangled Web now (excellent), but I've recently really found excellent reads from Maximum Entertainment and Strong Magic. I need to reread these every year.
  7. I know it's on the list that Rick posted by The Books of Wonder are some of the best books on magic. It is like an applied course of framing magic, and good to read along side Maximum Entertainment.
  8. There are two books that appear to be missing I would add which is Foundations Foundations Eberhard Riese and Audience Management by Gay Ljungberg
  9. Thank you Bizarro...I haven't heard of either one. I'll have to check them out.
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    Jon's list (that Rick linked to) is excellent and I have most of those books. Some additional books to consider:

    Mostly Cards
    Impossibila - John Bannon (available at L&L as an e-book)
    Dear Mr. Fantasy - John Bannon
    One Degree - John Gustaferro
    Jennings '67 - Larry Jennings / Richard Kauffman
    The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Stephen Minch (e-book from L&L)
    Relaxed Impossibilities - Ken Krenzel / Stephen Minch
    Paper Engine - Aaron Fisher
    The Secrets of Brother John Hamman - Kauffman
    Carneycopia - John Carney
    The Card Magic of Nick Trost
    A Book in English - Woody Aragon

    More Than Cards
    Vortex - Tom Stone
    Maelstorm - Tom Stone
    Random Acts of Magic - David Acer
    Gift Magic - Larry Haas
    Moments and DesTroyers - Troy Hoosier
    The Best of Slydini - Karl Fulves
    The Magical World of Slydini - Karl Fulves
    Verbal Magic - Juan Tamaritz

    Theory / Presentation
    Mastering the Art of Magic - Eugene Burger
    Transformations - Creating Magic Out of Tricks - Larry Haas
    The Magic Mirror - Robert Neale and David Parr
    Magic Matters - Robert Neale

    The Jinx - Theodore Annemann (available as an e-book at
    Apocalypse (four volume set containing all of the magazines)
    Collected Almanac - Richard Kauffman
  11. Verbal Magic, The Magic Way, Five Points of Magic, and I think he's got a new one coming out called The Magic Rainbow. All of these are by Juan Tamariz.
  12. Thanks for the many additions David. I'll probably put them on one big combined updated list and post it as a sticky or something.
  13. I think The Magic Way is out of print as is Sonata (which isn't on your list). I read that Sonata was going to be re-released when the Magic Rainbow is released.

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