Good ruses for creating set-ups FSDIU

Sep 7, 2022
I try and find ways to create small stacks using preceding tricks, but this is fairly limited.

Aside from the technical difficult art of culling, or deck switching which isn't very impromptu, what delightful ruses and scams have people found for creating small set-ups and placements FSDIU?
Sep 1, 2007
Hide the actions of setting up in an effect that justifies it. When performing a mind-reading effect, where the performer is looking at the faces of the cards and trying to decide which one the spectator is thinking of, it often flies by everyone if the performer arranges the cards as they "narrow down" or "decide" on the selection.

To build on that: I have heard that, as a joke, one can say that they're going to run through the cards, after forcing a card on a spectator, in order to try to read their thoughts and pull out the card they're "just thinking of". Run through, with faces towards you, quickly upjogging all the cards of one suit (to stack a straight run of cards) or of one colour (to divide the deck in colours). This is done aggressively fast, sloppily, and the faces of the upjogged cards are not seen by the audience. These are mis-called as "potential selections", as in "Your card might be this one... or maybe this one... I don't know, maybe this one..." etc. Ask a few questions of your volunteer, and strip out the upjogged cards in your required order or a pleasing arrangement in response to their answers, as if you're narrowing it down. This can be as long or as short a process as you need it to be. End with producing their selection, and then false shuffle.

You are literally stacking the cards in front of them, while they think you're just being silly for comedic effect. This can be done by upjogging many cards, or just the select few that you need for your next trick. Time misdirection applied after this open sorting can also be useful. If the spectator is allowed to shuffle before you execute this ruse, you can later call back to remind them that they shuffled the deck.

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