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  1. The question every teenage magician would like to know the answer to. With the exception of Sexy from the Ultragaff deck, what effects are devised specifically to do on girls? Or any good patter lines you guys know about, I would love to hear about them.
  2. Must maintain pg 13 enviorment............ *he looks to be in discomfort, trying to keep his giant sponge dong in pocket.*
  3. Hahaha. I was refering to SINGLE girls, Keokesilverfang.
  4. Uhg... I swear I lose a little bit of me every time I see one of these threads pop up.

    Alright, if you want to get girls, DON'T do it with magic. You can casually bring that up, or show her a trick or two, but don't rely on it. Seriously, a girl doesn't want to see a guy hitting on her using a skill as a crutch. It shows no confidence at all, and that's what girls like in a guy...confidence.

    Seriously, if you're not good at magic, it's just gonna look a little nerdy, so PLEASE don't use magic as a crutch to get girls. There are MUCH better ways of doing that. Geez......
  5. Specifically? Can't think of any.
    One thing that I'll do. especially if there is a group of ladies. Is do one effect, so that they know you are a real magician. Then you ask for one of their hands, hold it sweetly, and then go on talking to the group. Its a funny little thing to do inbetween illusions.

    Funny thing, David Blaine does an effect, there a woman holds her hand to his chest, and her selected card winds up tattooed to his chest where her hand was.
    The funny thing is, I was doing that same effect before I had seen him do it. I love my way of doing, because I establish a connection with my spectator, it's our special little moment in time that they will never forget.
    And it's gotten me a few numbers. ;)
  6. card to bra!!!!
  7. I'd like to see you quote me where I said I'm trying to hit on girls using magic tricks.
  8. Cellmates by Paul Harris. Guaranteed to get their number. ;) I agree, it's not the best idea to try to get girls with magic, but if you're asking tricks that work specifically for women, then there's no problem.
  9. Maybe "hit" is the wrong word, but you're obviously looking for tricks to pick up chicks. If I'm wrong just tell me and I'll retract all I said to you.
  10. Wayne Houchin's French Kiss comes to mind.

  11. I'm not trying to pick them up. Just for some reason, 90% of the people who want to see my tricks are girls. So I figured, as long as thats my audience, might as well check out these kinds of tricks.
  12. Is that available on True Astonishments? If not, where is it sold, or published?
  13. WH's French Kiss is a good one.
  14. So you're basically asking for tricks that girls would enjoy, or react with more. Alright, I retract what I said to you.
  15. Since you're aiming at showing them something that they would more personally enjoy I would recommend a trick I'm sure you've seen Criss Angel perform. It's the lipstick/ash through your hand into their closed hand. I don't know the exact name but, he gave a tutorial on one episode of Mindfreak you'll probably be able to find on YouTube.

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    Oh yeah, thats a good one
  17. If you're trying to pick up girls then it's a no no. If you want to be passionate and a bit sensual with your magic then go with French Kiss.

    Easy, nothing to difficult and it can get a connection with the opposite sex.
  18. I find performing for girls harder; they don't seem to respond as well to magic as boys do.

    They just don't seem as interested as boys do; they don't react as well as boys to gambling-demonstrations, they don't care about ACRs, transpositions or nothing.

    Oh, and I've had a girlfriend for the last five years or so, so I'm not trying to pick girls up anymore;)
    So, what kind of magic effects works better when entertaining girls, NOT trying to pick them up? ;)
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    It's a fair question, because in my experience, girls react differently to magic as guys do. For example, I wouldn't recommend to stigmata or iVanish to a predominantly female audience, nor would I recommend making a rose appear for a bunch of guys. Things that I've performed that I've found that girls really respond to are:
    -sponge bunnies
    -mind reading
    -any sort of apparation, but roses and bottles seem to work the best
    -using their name to spell to a thouht of/chosen card
    -"sucker" tricks
    -anything that happens in their hands, girls seem to produce better reactions than guys.

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