Good uses for flash paper/ flash cotton

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  1. First I wanted to ask which do you guys prefer, flash paper or flash cotton, and why?

    Secondly I wanted to ask what is your preferred method of incorporating flash paper/cotton into your routine? Or just in general what are the best uses for it?

    Thank you!
  2. I consider flash cotton to work more like ammunition rather than for magic routines. I know that probably doesn't make a lot of sense but perhaps in private messages I can explain further what I mean.

    I use flash paper for different type of reveals and productions. Something I learned from Jeff Stone at his lecture is to draw an object and then have a crumbled up wad of flash paper containing the image on top of the drawing and set it on fire on top of the drawing. The drawing will disappear and the object magically appeared (because the audience never sees it when the flash paper is crumpled up). Another thing I like to use flash paper for is the flash production of sunglasses taught in Stay Cool (don't recommend it though since it does not work like advertised). Currently working on an effect where I write a note of 10 things I love most about a person, set it on fire and it turns into a crane(or dove can't decide yet), the crane then flies through the air and lands in their hands. When they open up the crane/dove, they will discover it has a ring or bracelet in it. Just some food for thought ;)
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  3. Flash cotton is more theatrical. You don't have a lot of burn time. Once you light it, it's gone. I used flashed cotton with a flash ring in a show I was in. It was great because it looks good on stage and it can be good for quick productions.

    On the other hand, flash PAPER is better when you're performing close up. Once you light it it has a longer burn. I think the best way to use flash paper is to produce something from fire!

    Also, check out "In A Flash" by Jay Sankey. It's currently sold out in numerous places but I bet you can piece it together by watching the performance. The gimmick construction can be tedious but the reactions are outstanding!

    Hope this helps!
  4. I like to tear a piece of napkin and switch it for the flash paper then produce a coin or something from it when I tablehop. Amazing reactions!
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  5. So generally you would all say that flash cotton is more quick so it would be better for things such as street magic vs a large performance. Then flash paper is better for like showmanship and performing, instead of something quick. But you would all agree that you use flash paper more?
  6. From what I have seen, flash cotton is more of a stage thing to create a sharp flash where flash paper burns a bit slower and allows you more time to produce said object. It all depends I guess on what you prefer, but I always ever just used flash paper.
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  7. I think I got it, thank you very much
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  8. For ideas using flash paper, you can buy Spontaneous Combustion by Jay Sankey. I won that on one of his contest and it's cool.

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