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  1. Hey guys so Around 3 weeks I had this insanely crazy idea to video chat with some fellow magicians and we have gotten nothing but good feedback, so it's time for another! We decided to do this every other week so, tomorrow morning at 9-11 a.m. **Central Time Zone** If you are from around the Texas area like I am, then 10 a.m. for us this forum is posted at 5 p.m. my time so you can do the math for that!

    This week we will have Edward Boswell mastermind behind, Rapture, as well as the Sleight Journal which is another of Edward's creations! Hope you guys can come out and like I said first come first serve I believe we can only have a few on video at a single time and around 4 spots are filled so first to be online will be in!
  2. Awesome man. I loved it last time. Can you post the link in this tread please or pm me it.
  3. Awesome, count me in.

    Will you post a link to the hangout?
  4. how do we get on?
  5. Link will be posted in about 15 minutes
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    Okay, thank you.
  7. Sam what's your email for google hangout?
    I'm about to invite you guys since you asked first

    Thanks again
  9. Guys get on Google Hangout and i'll send invites
  10. Hey man when is the next one I couldn't get to this one I was in school if you could plan one on a weekend or a later time in the day that would be awesome.

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