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Aug 25, 2012
I realize that it is late for some of you and early for some of you but with the time zone's me and Gerald thought it would be best if we hosted a jam tomorrow 9-11 A.M. ***Central Time Zone***, I don't believe that anybody in the discussion will be more than maybe 8 hours ahead.

The underlining idea is just to get to meet some people, jam and see each other face to face. Most of the time we are stuck behind a keyboard and not interacting in a face to face manner.

Each week we will come up with different topics, in which we will talk about for 2 hours. Post your Google+ emails and we will add you to the chat. Thanks guys.

Tomorrows topic: Card Sleights



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Jan 22, 2012
The Hangout today was a success! We got a 6-7 people at the hangout and new faces always popping in every once in awhile. We also got Edward Boswell for a long time so that was fun too! I hope we can do more of these later.
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