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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Senz, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys.

    I came up with this realy cool Coin Trick but I cant find a good name for it.

    I wont tell you exactly what happens but its basicly a very new coin vanish and the coin reapears in a card box. No gimmicks are used. I know it does not sound like much but wait until you see it. Its so clean. You wont belive it.
    I cant post a video until I have a good name for it. So please help me guys.
  2. Not quite what i was looking for. But thanks.
  3. 'Just In-Case'

    Where's my prize?
  4. money box

    i think its preety good
  5. ummm

    Coinox maybe?
  6. I like the idea of money box to be honest, but why can't you post a video without a name for it? Just seems a slightly obscure reason not to post a video. And hey, if you can do this trick with a ring instead of a coin you could call it 'Boxing Ring' .
  7. Boxed.

    Simple but direct.
  8. Thanks Dude's

    Some great names you gave me. I think I'll go with "Just in Case" or Moneybox.
    One of my buddys suggested "Deposit Box" what do you think of that?
  9. i like them all....i would go with "genii", "coint to box", "boxed out", "vanishing point", gone"....stuff like that....
  10. it's only a name :S. I wouldn't worry too much dude as your never going to tell the spectator what it's called :)
  11. Just in Case is a marketed trick using glasses.

    Also, no point in naming it. It's not like you go up to your spectators and say this is a trick called "Box-A-Coin." If you do, you shouldn't be. The only point in naming it would be for marketing reasons, and if you just created, you shouldn't be marketing it.

    And, why do you want to think of a cool, hip name? Just call it something like, "Coin to Box." Couldn't be much simpler.

  12. are you seriooous? awww... :(

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