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    These are my first impressions, not a full review because I haven't performed it yet!

    I got crush in the mail today. The gimmick is well constructed. The only thing that saddened me is that I ddin't recieve everything that was said in the DVD. It doesn't limit me to performing it but it limits me in a small way that hopefully theory 11 can fix for me. Other than that the impromptu version is splendid, and the gimmicked version is crazy awesome. This is practical magic folks. I will be practicing this and hopefully within the coming week I will post a performance review to family so I don't weaken the effect, and then later on I'll perform it live to real random people. I haven't had all the time to look at the DVD but I played through a few parts and you see full performances of the ungimmicked and gimmicked version

    Honestly if you watch the reactions of the people it's breathtaking. There is that silent moment of astonishment there. That is the best reaction!

    T11 gives you 2 methods so you are ready for pretty much any situation.

    Minimal sleight of hand.

    Gimmick probably takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to setup and you are set forever

    The clean up is clever and awesome as hell.

    A new favorite effect.

    Awesome possum.

    The last tidbhit you guys need to remember is that...we do magic. There is going to be a secret so if it's simple or extravegant. Don't be discouraged that you know the method.
  2. Awesome. Ive been watching these forums waiting to see some peoples opinions on this before I buy.
  3. What didn't you receive that was said on the DVD? Also, does this require sleeves or a coat? I'm buying it either way, but I would really like that cleared up before I buy it.
  4. What I want to know is if you can just borrow a bottle and go into the effect or if the bottle needs to be set-up in any way.
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    I recieved all the gimmick. I recieved 1 of the items when there are about 4 different items that you are supposed to get so you get a "variety pack". I will stop there. They can be made with the right item though but I don't have that one item and I would like to get that fixed so it's easier for me to perform in a certain way. Haha I don't want to expose anything!

    It's not a huge thing, I can still perform Crush. But it would make me really really happy if I could recieve those items shown on the dvd. Even though I do have...1 of those items. On the dvd Eric says you recieve several of these things...just a lil' frustrated...I submitted a ticket. Other than that...this is awesome!
  6. You can borrow a bottle a go into the effect right away.
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    The gimmicked version...yes. It helps a lot


    I really don't want to go into exposing this. I want it all for myself :D

    Gimmick looks like something you can take wherever you go
  8. I got mine also today, and I didnt receive everything it said it came with. I only received one of them. But you can easily get more yourself. Eric says it comes with four I got one , but like I said you can easily get more.
  9. Disappointed

    Gents, here's my review of the trick:

    This was horribly disappointing. I love theory11 and was really excited for Crush, but this trick falls far below T11's usual standards.

    The biggest problem is practicality. Both the gimmicked and ungimmicked versions require so much preparation as to make this trick impractical. The ad copy is slightly disingenuous on this point, so I will clarify to save others my disappointment:

    You can only use a borrowed bottle in the GIMMICKED version. And even then, you can't borrow just any bottle. It has to be the right kind of bottle, so you may be out of luck. The gimmick itself is large and unwieldy. It's definitely NOT the kind of thing you just slip into your pocket and carry with you during your day.

    For the UNGIMMICKED version, you must prepare a bottle. Preparing the bottle can't be done just anywhere (i.e., if you're at a picnic or barbecue, you're out of luck). Once you've prepared the bottle, you've got a maximum of 30 minutes in which to perform. And this version is erratic and unreliable: it frequently yields less-than-thrilling results.

    In sum, this trick is completely inappropriate for the amateur magician who likes to perform fairly impromptu at work, school, cocktail parties, dinners, poker nights, etc. You might be able to get some value out of it if you do a professional parlor-type routine where you completely control the environment.

    I recommend saving your money and buying something else.
  10. ^ well that just gave me a whole new delima on buying this.
  11. Agreed...i was dead set on getting it, now i may need to see some more reviews!
  12. damn i found out this after i bought it 10 mins ago!! :(
  13. Send it to me as a gift, Aly. ;)
  14. I hope to get mine in the mail today as well, even if the method requires a little set up, to mee the effect is very worth it. Thats what really counts right? what the spectators sees.
  15. I only got one of the certain items as well. But I plan on making my own anyways, so it isn't too huge of a deal. Blindside, you said you submitted a ticket. let me know what you hear back form them about it!
  16. With the gimmicked version, as long as you have the gimmick on you, there is zero preparation - you grab the bottle and do it. With the ungimmicked version, there is about 20 seconds of setup, but "so much preparation" is not an accurate portrayal thereof. To give everyone a valid comparison, Healed and Sealed takes about 10x as long to setup as Crush, and it's universally regarded as an extremely practical, minimal setup miracle. Crush is the same.

    With the materials provided, you can perform the gimmicked version with the vast majority of plastic bottles. To be able to perform it with ANY bottle, you will need to do about 30 seconds of additional gimmick construction. The ungimmicked version will work with any bottle.

    I would suggest giving this more than a single day of practice before judging. As shown in the DVD - and as described by many working professionals like Daniel Madison and Dan White - it is absolutely effective. Yes, you do need to setup within about 30 minutes of performing, but again, the same is true for Healed and Sealed. All magic effects have limitations.

    I disagree, and I again suggest that you give this effect more than one single day of judgment before reaching that conclusion. Doing so is disingenuous to both this brilliant effect and the years of effort that Eric put into it's creation.
  17. B462,

    Awesome! Glad you dig it! Just saw your message about a missing piece and sent you a PM and voicemail to make sure this is resolved. We stand behind everything we do and if you need another "replacement part" for the gimmick anytime in the future, simply contact us and we will send out another completely on the house. It should last you a long, long time though. ;)
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    Okay stop here to base an entire review on practicality "In Your Opinion" is not really helpful for others. Practicality is very ambiguous (In other words, opinions may very.) For all of you who are now bummed one person didn't like the product, it is incredibly to early to have a true full length review.

    Any magic product that is reviewed several days to a week after the release, are just first impressions and aren't entirely reliable to base your decision to buy or not to buy on.

    My point is, give it some time. :cool:

  19. Whooh! You whoop em Bayme. And i agree, give the trick some time before you write up reviews, see all the possibilities before judging a trick. And also preparing a bottle is hardly any work, go into a bathroom and do it, do it at home and then place the bottle somewhere else, put it in a trash can and act like you pull it out ... the possibilities are endless, use your imagination and try not to be so judgmental and quick off the draw.

    But hey, that's just my opinion,

  20. Wow :eek:. It really wasn't my intention to set off a small firestorm with my review. I just wanted to share my opinion and maybe save others like me from some disappointment. Diversity of opinion is still legal, right?

    After reading the responses, I've gone back and re-read my review. I'm afraid I have to stick by it.

    A big problem with the responses is that they respond to criticisms I haven't made. In my review, I said nothing about the effect itself. As you can see from the preview, the effect is great. Really top-notch. Very cool. Eric Ross has every right to be proud of this trick. I hope nobody thought I was disparaging it. Nothing I wrote should have led to that conclusion.

    My review goes to the type of magician this effect is good for. But I'm realizing that perhaps I didn't communicate that clearly enough, and the blame for that must go on me. So I'll clarify.

    I'm not a professional magician. I wish I were good enough to make my living at magic, but I have a day job and for me magic is a hobby. I like tricks that, in the morning, I can put in my pockets/wallet/briefcase/laptop bag and take with me to work/a meeting/lunch. That way, if someone asks me or if there's a dull moment, say, waiting for a meeting to start, I can whip something out and make everyone's day a little more fun. Those are the kind of tricks I like: ones I can comfortably carry with me all day and perform on a moment's notice.

    I think even the staunchest advocates of Crush would have to admit that it's not that kind of trick. The gimmick is not something you'd want to have on you all day on the off-chance that an opportunity to perform will present itself. And the ungimmicked version has the situation and time limitations I already discussed in my original post. So that's why I called this effect "impractical." Was that the wrong word? Should I have said "not impromptu?" I thought they were more or less synonymous, but maybe I'm wrong. If so, I apologize for calling it "impractical."

    Also, please note that one day is sufficient time to come to this conclusion. My dislike of Crush does not go to its practice or execution (i.e., things that would take time to form an informed opinion about). Rather, it goes to its portability. That's not something that's going to change, no matter how long I have and practice the trick. I knew Crush wasn't for me the moment I saw the gimmick and the moment I learned the ungimmicked method. That's why I called it "disappointing." But notice: I didn't call it a bad trick. Just disappointing for me.

    As I already acknowledged, professionals who go out knowing when and where they'll be performing are in a completely different boat. They'll probably love Crush. I don't know. I'm not in their shoes.

    But the upshot is this: magicians like me will probably not get much value from this trick for all the reasons already discussed. I stick by my recommendation that, if you like to do tricks as I describe above, you'd do better to buy something else.

    I hope that clears things up. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. That wasn't my intention.

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