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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm graduating soon, but I've got a slight delima, each year in the graduation ceremony, there's a video showing the trips we've been on, the school and just random stuff. But the principal wanted me to do a trick on the camera for the Grad Video, I didn't tell him I could do it just yet, just because I don't want to go unprepared.
    So I was hoping that you guys could give me some tips or something I could perform. I was hoping to perform something kinda cool like, one thing that I remember in particular would be Dan & Dave's Blackjack Production, but that's just one option. I'll probably be doing table work, not stand-up.
    Any tips or advice on what I could do, or something I could get would be much appreciated. Also I have about 1-3 months to practice and get some expirience performing it for people, and getting feedback.
    Thanks a ton you guys!
  2. I would perform something on camera that really captures the audiences eye and gets their attention. Try going with a trick that's more on the 'Wow' factor and not on the 'cool' trick list.

    Something visual like Prophet would be good. In fact any bill changing trick would be great, and you can guarantee you'll be remembered for it. So if you were to get anything on video, that would be a great effect to do.
    At the ceremony, blackjack production is a good idea, but I would try to have a little more audience participation than a trick that speaks, "Hey watch what I can do."
    Get a nice routine down that can constantly use the same card, and doesn't involve another spec picking a card at the end of every trick. It get old after awhile and soon they forget which card was the original.
    Just some stuff to keep in mind.
  3. totally agreed took the words out of my mouth!

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