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  1. Hello all,

    You guys probably do not know me but here is my first effect that I love to use in the real world. It is a strong effect that really hits hard. This is not supposed to be a magician-fooler, but just a simple effect I would like to share. I hope you enjoy.

    Note: I am not from France as it says on Youtube, I just put it because it is where family is from. (sorta)

  2. Damn man, that was some quality stuff right there. Id really want to know how thats done.
  3. Good work! I loved it. I love that it's simple and direct. It really bothers me how magicians are so quick to judge effects based on how well they fool themselves and don't give any thought to how it would play in the real world. This is an effect that would play beautifully in the real world.

    Keep it up!
  4. Not bad, but a lot of unnecessary movements. Why did you have to show the blue card out, then just put it back in for apparently no reason? Why did you show that random card?Also, I have no idea if that is the script you use for the effect, however if it is I would recommend something else. Telling what isn't there doesn't add much to the effect, no crimps, no this, or that just says I'm doing something else.

    Again, it's a good effect but try to work on trimming the fat away. I could give suggestions if you'd like but up to you.
  5. i agree...thats was some good stuff there dude....pretty good....
  6. Wordcount.


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