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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Tumbleweed, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. If you live in Australia, I just found a great magic website that sells really cheap magic related stuff, it's They're having a 40% off sale right now too. And.. no... they're not paying me :)
  2. i use this website often but i try as much as i can to go to chatswood to Taylors Magic Shop and maybe the other magic shop in sydney i forgot the name because i really like going to the magic shop because sean (the owner) shows me what the trick looks like sometime before i buy it he is a nice guy.
  3. Awesome, I love taylors! The other shop.. is it Hey Presto?? I've found them to be pretty expensive..
  4. do they ship to new zealand?
  5. I'm sure they would, but i'd go ahead and email them first just to check
  6. I purchase from acekicker often, Marty's (owner) a champ.
  7. hey ace kickers a good site some prices are a little steep but shippings good

    Here in melbourne theres
    - Bernard's magic (very pricey)
    - The magic store (very good laid back and very helpful)
  8. Acekicker seems pretty expensive if you ask me.
  9. Hey

    Ive bought many times off acekicker before, but unfortuanetly there isnt much variety, so yer, I usually get alot of my stuff from Taylors and ebay...
  10. i live on the central coast so it take like 45 mins to get to taylors
  11. I used to go to Bernard's because it was the only one I knew, then I found The Magic Store and go there. I found Bernard's to be more expensive and the staff were a bit.. like, not nice.. :p
  12. I'm in Melbourne too, any other good magic shops?
  13. Those are the only two, I believe.

  14. Annnnd who are you saying is not a nice its okay I get it hahahah :p

  15. Oh my god! I know Marty too, he was my maths teacher last year :) How do you know him??
  16. Man theres no stores in Adeliade. Acekicker has bloody expensive stuff 15 bucks for E deck. But the magic supplies are alright.

  17. Actually, I was talking to Sean about the possibilitys of opening a store in Adelaide.

    Who knows ;)
  18. taylors is sorta over priced... but nice people
  19. I think people have to take into consideration the costs of running a face-to-face shop, and then shipping, stock prices etc.

    It would be expensive.

    Shops like Taylors are fantastic if you can shop their personally.

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