Great. I palmed a card. Now what?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Thats One, May 29, 2018.

  1. After a year of avoiding, I finally did it: I learned how to palm cards.

    I know the top palm, the diagonal palm shift, and the A.P. spread control into a bottom palm (not perfectly, but its getting there). I can comfortably and reliably get a spectators card into my hand without them knowing. Great.

    Now what? It seems like the only effect you can do using the move is the classic card to pocket effect, although it feels like its more of a demonstration of skill than an effect.

    Is that all there is to it? Or are there tricks that use palming as the means to an effect - not the effect itself?

    TLDR: What tricks can I do that use palming besides card-to-pocket?
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  2. Heaps.

    Think outside the box. Don't make palming the effect itself but instead the method of an effect.

    Imagine spectators freely shuffling cards after having one selected only for you to be able to find it at a whim etc. etc.

    By learning to palm you've opened a door, where it goes and what it can do is up to you.

  3. Mate, get RRTCM, loads of great ideas there. That is one of the good points of RRTCM actually...sleights, er...not so much?
    But the ideas are really sweet.

    Also, check out YT videos man! Those have some great ideas! You already know a there's no danger of you ''mis-learning'' from YT (as some magicians fear) but you can get ideas!
    Hope it helped!
  4. I am sure if you looked a bit you can find tons of tricks that utilize a palm. Maybe some help on where to look would help?

    The book Expert Card Technique has lots of tricks that require palming. Other books like Royal Road to Card Magic is also a decent resource. The tricks aren't sorted by method used but rather the effect. I would find an effect you like and go from there. Even if you don't use the tricks you will have a better idea of what to do with palming.

    There is no shortage of examples in video lectures either; off the top of my head Gregory Wilson, Patrick Kuhn, Karl Heinstein and Daniel Garcia have some tricks that use a palm that can be found in their Penguin or Murphy lectures. Pretty sure in most lectures that use cards you can find an example.

    Or like Byron said above use it as a control. You can then produce it in a cool way like the hot shot or tons of other cool productions that don't reveal the method.

    Palming also doesn't have to be for a trick, it's useful for taking out gaffs after their use.
  5. @ That's One asks: "are there tricks that use palming as the means to an effect - not the effect itself?"

    Well, yes, every trick that uses palming should be using palming as a means to an effect. If palming was in itself an "effect" then people would see you palm, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    There are many, many uses for palming other than the classic card to pocket - limited only by one's imagination. Some examples:

    1. Card Under Drink
    2. Card to Forehead
    3. Card(s) through the table
    4. Cards Across

    + Any trick where you have the spectator shuffle in order to convince them that a card or multiple cards is/are hopelessly lost in the deck. When the deck is returned after they shuffle, the card or cards can then be replaced on top or bottom (deceptive replacement is equally important to the palm) and then impossibly produced in a magical way, such as Card on the Ceiling, or showing the card has come to top even though they shuffled, or cutting to the 4 Aces.

    Good luck!
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  6. My card to pocket routine is very funny and involves Pokémon cards. :) it is more magical than you may think it can be. Very strong stuff!

    You can also use palming to perform color changes and switches. A lot of gambling demos and stuff use palming.

    Card to box is a other really fun application. Requires great timing and audience management but it can be super powerful when performed right.

    Card through glass table is really cool too! Essentially if you want to get a card to move from the deck to some location, palming is the way to go. Doesn’t always have to be to the locker.
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  7. Once you have something palmed it can appear anywhere. Soooooo normally what I do is make it appear in mine or my spectators pocket.
  8. There are many effects you can use with palming. Interestingly enough, just the other day I saw a perfect use for a palm and as duplicate card. The magician forces the first card and doesn't allow the spectator to look at it, (spectator puts in their pocket). He then forces the duplicate card and allows them to see it. Once the duplicate is returned he palms the card off to allow them to shuffle the deck. He spreads the cards and show that the card has "vanished" and when they take out the card that was in their pocket its their card. That's just one example on what you can do with palming. There are plenty of others as well though!
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  9. Great idea!

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