GREED: Is It Worth It?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sergey, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Well, I was thinking of getting Greed, but some people say it's not good, I do use dollars so the size issue isn't a problem, but I heard that $30 for a bill change is too much, I thought it was awesome, but now that I was about to buy it I had some second thoughts so, basicly tell me if it's good, if it's worth it and what are the reactions
  2. I don't want to expose anything, but it will cost the preparation will cost you some money. I think it's quite a nice effect, but def not OMG POWERFUL type.
  3. imo it is omfg powerfull
    especially the ending
  4. Don't listen to ANYONE.
    Listen to me.
    This effect KILLS. You will KILL people with it!
    Seriously, get it. Its amazing.

    Calvin Lauber
  5. yeah I like the ending too, so you guys recommend it ok thanks, I'll see if anyone else will reply for now
  6. It's a common misconseption that the prep is expensive, it's only 7 bucks.
  7. Can you show your hands empty?
    (if thats not exposure) if you can than I'll probably get it
  8. this isnt E need to be to uptight about exposing

    greed is a gimmicked bill obviously, very worth it
    theres a number of endings you can do, the main one he teaches is changing the bill into a coin which again is taught on the dvd...

    once you change into the coin, your left dirty, i usually hand out the coin to the spec, at the same time ditch the bill into my pocket
    it all depends on your misdirection and which version you do

    now onto the question of is it worth it...

    absolutely (although i got mine for free cough)

    i do greed a lot, has a great in canada so i go with the "when i was in new york i got a tip from this guy blah blah"
  9. i'd love to do this trick, but canadian bills start at $5...
  10. that's not true, i hope i'm not exposing anything here, but you're going to need 2 $1, a $5, a $10, and a $20, totaling $37. he says that this isnt true, but trust me i made the gimmick, and the way he recommends getting the money back does not work. don't buy it.
  11. I would definately recommend this trick. This effect does kill. Literally. I've left a few dead bodies in my wake, and now I'm on the run from the CIA, NSA, PDA, NBA, and every other 3 letter abbrevation. SHHHHHHH.....

    But anyway, this trick is an awesome buy. I would say go for it if you are in to visual magic with money.

  12. I perform this effect all the time and its a great trick. It really makes people trip out. Usually as I change it to the twenty a majority of people try to grab the money from my hand but I stop them changing it to the 50 cent piece and they usually start laughing with amazement. Its worth having in your repertoire.
  13. hmmmss greed is pretty awesome I must say. If you're in America its only gonna cost you 7 bucks to make the gimmick, the rest you can go back to the bank and change your bills. Im from Canada but I live in the US. What I intend to do is make a gimmick out of Canadian money starting at $5 till 50 basically. If you're gonna say Ill turn it into a 100 just turn it back into the Dollar coin. Im sure that both currencies work perfectly fine.
  14. It works best with American Dollars I have to say. Personally I think it is a good buy, you earn back your money in no time (theres a suggestion on how to get money from this in the dvd)

    Unfortunately for me, Malaysian ringgit does not work for this trick. So I do not perform this. But it is a good effect especially in this money hungry world of today :)
  15. lol, works for me! You must live in a crappy town then.
  16. making greed out of canadian money? lol good luck
    i already tried....
    its not that pretty as the different colours are way to obvious
  17. Thanks guys, I might get it soon or for Christmas
  18. It is possible to use notes of different colours. I use Singapore notes which have different colours too. And the fact that the colours of the notes changes makes the change more visual.
  19. You're doing something wrong then. I did it just fine. I just handed them my extra bills and they gave me the correct amount. Maybe it's the bank? or you made the gimmick incorrectly.
  20. Its a very good trick :D

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