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  1. Ok so I just got the Green Monarchs and I noticed the was writing on the side. It says de duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum. I went to google translate and translated it in Latin and I got this: of the two evils, the lesser must always be chosen. Is this right? does anyone know what this means? I think this is only on the Monarchs, but if it is not some one please tell me
  2. Google Translate is notoriously bad for Latin, but it seems to have gotten it roughly right here. The translation (Cambridge style) is

    From two evils, less must always be chosen.

    (I'm only in Latin 4, so if someone has more experience then me, please do correct me).
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  3. This is a quote of Thomas a Kempis (1380–1471) who was a German medieval Christian monk.

    Basically, it means that if we are ever faced with a situation wherein a choice between two immoral acts must be made, then we should always choose the least harmful of the two.
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  4. Thank you both
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