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  1. Due to the rarity of this deck I do not have a grasp on what it's value is. I found a seller of multiple GREEN Rarebit decks new unopened but I am unsure if the asking price is fair or I should move on? The seller is asking $100 per deck. The only other deck I see is on Ebay for $350 Buy It Now. The eBay deck feels super inflated though. Before I make a significant purchase like this for my collection I want to be sure that it is a fair price.

    Is there a website that posts going rates/values of decks as a price guide?
  2. Normally, the only way for you to get Green Rarebits is if you literally go to their restaurant, and spend $100+ on your meal. (It comes as a bonus.) So, $100 is essentially the price of these cards (but you get some food in return :p)

    I don't know if it's necessarily worth it to buy, but the value of Green Rarebits is indeed about $100.
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  3. That's not how economics works. Just because you have to buy a meal valued at $100 does not mean the deck is. It's just a fancy advertisement. The deck is not that limited when you look at the market.
  4. A deck is worth whatever you think it is worth.

    Personally, I think $100 for an original Rarebit deck isn't too bad. Not cheap by any means but given what they go for on Ebay, not bad.
  5. I have been buying and selling cards for a little while now (probably 1 year or so) and I have come to realize the best way to buy decks is to find a private seller off of Instagram, 90% of the time you will get a better deal. Otherwise, try sites like this:
  6. I admit that I mostly shun social media for a variety of reasons...huge time waster, the incessant sniping, etc.

    I further admit that I am totally unfamiliar with Instagram. Being an incurable addict when it comes to collecting cards, though, I am intrigued with your suggestion about Instagram being a source. How would I go about finding Instagram users who sell?
  7. try @cardmafia

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