Gregory Wilson In Action Vol.3

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    Continued from other review thread - Gregory Wilson's In Action Vol. 1,2 and 3

    Gregory Wilson In Action Vol.3

    The Official Spam-

    The DVD-

    The Layout-
    I dont really care for the layout of the DVD.
    Basically after each trick Gregory explains how it's done.
    I prefer that they show each trick in a row and than the explanation to each one,but thats just my personal prefrence.

    The Quality-
    High quality DVD,very good picture and sound.

    The Menu-
    The main menu has the following options:

    Performances and Explanation-
    Basically just the scene selection.
    Allows you instant access to the performance/explanation of each effect.
    The only problem with this is when you click next on your DVD remote you cant skip through the performance and right to the explantion.
    For that you have to use the fast forward button.

    Stand-Up Comedy Magic Show-
    This is your chance to see Greory perform live up on stage for real people.Greg is a great performer and keeps the audience laughing.
    The camera work is very good and allows you to see the reactions of the audience but at the same time a good view at the performance.
    Definetly worth the watch.

    Closing Credits-
    Watch Gregory as he scares people into thinking that he accidently dropped thier camera.
    Also,very amusing clip of Gregory on a skateboard.
    Gregory also has a funny conversation with this one guy with a couple branding irons.
    Then of course are the actual credits at the very end.

    Clip from Other L&L DVD's-
    Short clips from other L&L Publishing DVD's including:
    Comedy Bits and Magic Routines by Harry Allen
    The Essential-Aldo Columbini
    David Regal-Premise,Power & Participation
    Michal Ammar-Easy to Master Card Miracles
    Michal Ammar-Buisness Card Magic
    Daryl's Ambitious Card Video
    The Encyclopedia of Coin Slights
    Cheating At Blackjack:The Real Work
    The Magic of Jeff McBride
    The Real Truth About Tradeshow Magic Revealed:The Magic of Eddie Tulock-The Phantom Founder of Tradeshow Magic

    Listings Of Other L&L DVD's-
    Lists all the DVD's publised by L&L Publishing.

    Contacts Us-
    List L&L's contact information.

    Plays DVD from beggining to end.


    Time Card -
    Tidy technique for telling time with a deck of cards.
    Never performed it.I dont care for the whole telling time with cards idea though.Don't no why, just don't.

    The Slot Machine Scam -
    A secret way to scam, sham and flim-flam a real slot machine for a real jackpot! You'll immediately book the next flight to Vegas after watching this.(This is not true,but to the audience it really appears as if you can scam a slot machine.)Never done it but I would imagine this would get really good reactions though.

    Chip on Shoulder -
    An appearing and disappearing casino chip—with a very surprising Apollo Robbins finish. See title.Once again never performed it.

    Cut Throat -
    Impressive demonstration to find all four Aces with a casino cut card.Gregory has used this on a number of TV talk shows.
    Never used,probably get's pretty good reatioss.

    Foreign Affair -
    Each time you fold a one dollar bill, it changes into another country's currency—from a Pound to a Euro to a Ruble to a Yen—and finally into a perfectly examinable hundred dollar bill!
    Never performed it because it requires some foriegn money which I don't have.I would Imagine this get's amazing reactions though.

    Garret Thomas’ The Ring Thing -
    Gregory's impromtu 3 phase ring routine that start off with Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing.
    Phase 1 - A borrowed ring visually jumps from your hand to your finger.
    Phase 2 - The ring then jumps from finger to finger
    Phase 3 - The ring then finally jumps from your pocket to the spectators hand.
    One of my favorite effects to perform with a borrowed object.Get's better reactions then I thought it would.

    Son of a Switch -
    A multi-phase card routine where a selected card and joker switch places in the most startling ways.I love performing this tricks.Get's really good reactons.

    Stunt Double -
    A selected card is found an a very astounding way.
    I've done this a few times,Got pretty good reactions.

    Bounce No-Bounce -
    A classic trick,descibed as in the title.Gregory gives a nice presentation for this effect.I dont not have this product so therefore I've never done it for anybody.But,I would Imagine it get great reations.Also,Gregory's prestation for this is very funny as well.

    King-Size Travelers -
    The four king's jump from your hand to you pocket one by one.
    This is a fun quick trick to perform it, great reactions.

    This DVD is filled with material you will actually use,highly recommended.
  2. I own this DVD and its GREAT trust me guys..
  3. Sounds interesting... How is vol. 1 and 2?
  4. Reviewed them as well.

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