Groove Electric Switch

Nov 29, 2008
I have read the review for the move and seen the demo, and was very interested in picking this up. But then i thought about it for a while, and was really trying hard to find applications for this. I know Doc teaches several tricks with it, but I felt like those are all the applications, and some of the tricks were kinda designed to fit the groove electric switch. Im not bashing Doc or his move, it is a phenomenal move. I'm just wondering what some of you guys think. In all honesty, I'm trying to think of when you would have a card sticking out of a fan like that beyond a control. I mean, I never have a card selected from a fan or anything so that I can switch it. Just wondering on some thoughts, will still most likely pick this up just to play with.
IDK what to tell you about apps. but I caan tell you, having used the move, I dont like it. It seems fishy the whole way through and even when the cards switch, the switch is somewhat noticeable. watch doc do it and you will see what i mean.
Jun 1, 2009
Yeah I cant find any real uses for it either, the applications are ok, but I would never really use this, its fun to play with, get it good enough and you can fool yourself, but there are plenty of other switches out there.
Dec 22, 2009
Hong Kong
the best part was him teaching the zozu change as a bonus, for the change it is unpractical. i strongly sugest cardsexchange its the best thing you can check out.
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