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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by cArDz1313, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Got my Guardian's Tonight,

    They break in very quickly, fan real nice, spread real sweet, and for those into XCM/Cardistry, I think you'd agree that they stack well next to your Tally's. I'm pretty happy with em'....


    Very happy that the face card's are regular bikes (more, or less...) The J,Q,K, have real nice coloring, that make changes pretty cool and a little different.

    The red's are crimson, and very bold.

    T11, has included a pretty cool utility card, that has some pretty good uses.

    The Joker is just sick, and I'm already going to use them for 2Card Monte.

    The art-work and the matte finish on the box just screams...


    Well, they do look different, and frankly kinda evil. I like evil, but will your audience be as receptive? I guess sometimes it's all in the patter. Certainly, one of the saving graces is the pips/faces being normal-ish.

    Unlike other card decks, T11 went cheap and forgot to include a Soduku junk card. I think you can live with that...

    That's my review... Sure there's alot of other opinion's/idea's out there...
  2. wats the utility card?

    edit: its a double backer just saw on another thread
  3. Good review. I'll be getting these eventually.

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