Guerrilla Style Street Magic?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Lindel, May 12, 2017.

  1. I've weighed a lot of different possibilities on how to start performing for strangers more often, and I think the best step for me is going to be guerrilla style street magic—approach someone in a public place, show them a quick effect, then leave. What I'm looking for is ideas on how to actually approach people and raise their interest. I've seen suggestions ranging from bringing some friends and having them react to a trick, to having a someone there carrying a camera and letting the spectator know that you plan to post the trick on YouTube. Only problem with the carry a camera plan is that no one I know owns an actual video camera these days, and a phone isn't useful for generating interest in the same way.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate any tips that you might have. If I have a solid plan in place, I think I'll be less nervous.
  2. C.I.Q. - Compliment, Introduction, Question. "Hey, you look like fun people. My name is Lindel, I'm a performer. Have you ever tried to see if you have psychic abilities?"
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  3. Okay, that gives me a better idea of what to say, thanks! Any advice on what to look for in people that might suggest they'd be approachable?
  4. The #1 rule of approaching strangers for me: are they smiling or otherwise looking like they're having a good time? Those are the people I want to approach - I'm yet to be turned down :)

    #2: Don't go up to anyone who looks busy in any way or otherwise occupied, you don't want to get in their way, you're more likely to be turned down.

    Honestly my thought process is "Are they smiling?" If so, why not try!
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  5. Adding onto what Christopher and Josh said, I introduce myself and ask for their name in return. Also, this is a personal preference, but Tommy Wonder's "Book Of Wonders" mindset in not giving them a chance to turn you down at first is really good when approaching. So after introductions, I ask if they can help me get my ring off then go into Reflex by Patrick Kun. Only after that, I ask if they want to see more or not.
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  7. I started doing this more often and am putting up videos at least every other week now just for my record, simply just for fun. I figured out the best people to look for are the people that are walking slowly, of course the people laughing and having a good time are always good. I simply say "Hey, you guys want to see a quick magic trick?". That way they know what you are trying to do right when you get to them, otherwise they will be uncomfortable right away and think you are trying to sell them something or trying to get a different benefit out of them.
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